Andrew activity line bugged

At andrew u see the exclamation mark but when u talk to him there is no option to start the line


i also have this issue
it seems to come available further in to the game, after compleating Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing and Cherchez la Femme
i was passing by Andrew so thought i’d try to speak to him again and the speech option was available hope this helps.

well its supposed to be available from the beginning

Can confirm that the activity can be started after the Hare Hunt questline. Which does make sense as you you don’t know about Andrew’s Poaching connections until after these quests.

On a side note I wasn’t able to start Hare Hunt if I spoke to Andrew first and started Sheep in wolf’s clothing. Which sucked as I wanted to side with Nicholas this game, but by the time I realised I had already done a fair bit of the game. Wheather this is a bug or intended I’m not sure.