Andrew and his quest

Hi, I’m struggling with one bug. Andrew the Innkeeper seems to have a job for me (exclamination mark) BUT when i talk to him there’s no option to start any mission (same situation with Nicholas but Nicholas has no exclamination mark and I can’t start “Hare hunt” too…). The quest I’m talking about is “Sheep in wolf’s clothing”. Well I still can’t start this one. Please help!

If i read it right: If you have finnished the quest Masquerade, you cannot start those quests anymore

Unfortunetely, I haven’t done this quest yet. And still can’t do anything about those two qeusts.

Sheep in wolf’s Clothing is a part of Hare Hunt, depends on your decisions. U did not start Hare Hunt yet? Ask the innkeeper in Talmberg for a job. At what main quest u are currently? (maybe u have to proceed with it - i don’t know)
Anybody knows, whether DLC From The Ashes is need for this quest?

I’m right after killing Runt. The thing is I can’t even end quest for the Old Whore so it seems more like bug than ignoring main quest or side quests.

I’m pretty sure that bitch just runs off… dirty old whore…

I think that quests Sheep in wolf’s Clothing and Hare Hunt, are not available yet (after killing Runt). You should go further in main story. After Hare hunt questline you can start Andrew’s activity

And Old whore tell you to come back tomorrow for reward, but she run away and you don’t get anything. That’s not a bug, that’s how the quest ends.

Go ask Andrew about the whore, I think that’s the end of it. The huntsman in Talmberg sends you to the Inn in the Glades.

You have to battle at pribslavitz first