Annoying bug?

Hello everyone,
So I successfully completed the pestilence quest and all that glistens quest and went back to MERHOJED to find every one up and peachy cause i was like hey i want to buy warhorse jenda. So i went to talk to johann to make the purchase but hes standing in the middle of the street yelling about kill him or hang him. So is most of every body else ther except the gaurds…so im wondering if theyre all bugged and their dialogue is stuck to where i had to interrogate the prisoner? Ive already tried knocking him out and dragging him to the stables but no results. Literally only the guard s melichar and mattias are the only people who go back to their beds at night and arnt screaming about the prisoner lol. Uuuuuhhh im already to far in the game and just completed from the ashes dlc. Anybody have any ideas or a horse better than Pegasus? Bloody