Annoying Unmount Bug



I consistently run into a bug where when I try to unmount a horse and there is no space around i will just get stuck on the horse and am not able to do anything.
The only way to fix it is to save and reload the game. However this is only possible if i have saviour schnapps available.

Is this a known issue?

Imho this game is still to buggy to restrict when players are allowed to save the game.


I’ve come across this a couple of times on my PC. I am usually trying to place the horse in a stall or inside a small over hang/ building to stable it. I cannot do anything and the save and reload lets me back out of the space. I always keep some schnapps on hand.


Fast travel works too


Not in hardcore mode.


aiya true…


Happens on PS4 as well. So, it not a PC issue only.

I tried the “saving & reload” method and it only worked once and failed the second time. I try not to get stuck in bushes…those damn bushes lol