Another Addon Fair in Rattay

Hey Folks would be nice to have an addon that adds a Fair in Rattay and gives Henry the ability to learn tailoring, weapon smith or armor smith and sell his goods on the said market.

I mean we can already buy cloth and hunt for leather. That’s an aspect of the game I’d really want to see develop.

Fairs could also be randomized throughout the towns on the map and offer different products in each town. They also transform towns into medieval market festive style.

Well yeah, considering that Henry’s the son of a well known blacksmith it would be sweet if he could at least forge his own axes and such.

There done adding to kcd there wont be any additional content then what u see

Ilunless someone can prove me wrong for the sake kcd i hope they do

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I know, but the truth is sometimes hurtful… What’s wrong with a little white lie now and again?