Another Bug in Quest algorithm in Rock and a Hard Place


So after the quest ‘Friend indeed’ with Mathew and Fritz, I got another quest called Rock And a Hard Place.
So Henry have to either choose to help Methew and Fritz to Rob talmberg quarry or refuse it.

So initially i accepted the quest and went to Talmberg to get information on quarry deliver schedule as well as the guard plan. So I question Sir Robart and I got the options to ask about guard plan or to tell Robart about the robbery. So i chose to snitch Mathew and Fritz with their plan. However choosing this option does not get me any further after Robart asking Henry about the raiding plan. So it looks like this route of the quest is bugged.

Since it’s bugged I decied to ask Robart about the Guard plan and I managed to persuade him to lower the number of the guards at the quarry. However the optional task in quest log didn’t get ticked off.

Then I went to stable master to ask about the shipping schedule then the quest proceeds to informing Mathew about it. Howevr When i wen back to mathew to talk about it, there is no dialogue option to tell him about the quest. So I am currently unable to proceed with the quest any further.

it looks like more I proceed into the game more buggier the quests get.

Please fix these problems!


Confirming this. As I’ve seen reports about this quest being solvable prior to the patch but bugged differently I suspect the new patch broke it even more.
I’ve tried to solve this in probably all possible ways, taking steps in different order, but it just won’t budge. Even the option of going against Henry’s friends doesn’t work.

What I noticed additionally:

  • We don’t hear the stablemaster saying in how many days transport will occur nor any subtitles are displayed
  • The blacksmith at quarry does not look the same way he did before when I was asking about Queen Sheba shard
  • Giving poison to stablemaster does not remove poison bottle from inventory
  • Robbing or hitting civillians as suggested by Fritz doesn’t count at all
  • Reporting Matthew and Fritz to Sir Robard without talking to Andrew previously kills any further dialogue about the robbery with Sir Robard
  • It’s not possible to ask about transport time neither Sir Divish nor his wife

To anyone who’s reading I suggest not touching this quest at all (including it’s counterpart Gallows Brothers quest that comes from Andrew) till it’s patched. I’ve reverted to save before accepting it just to make sure it doesn’t bug something else in the game.


What I have additionally found is that bugs are less likely to occur if I follow the quest in ‘ideal sequence’, (I.e No short cut, no skipping certain NPC). But then the KCD and devs promotes multiple and creative approaches in solving the quests, so it’s sad that most players will be afraid to be adventurous when it comes to solving the quests.


I found if it’s bugged or not working right within the parameters of the NPCs, you can steal the money from a hard lock lvl chest in one of the towers within Talmburg before it even leaves. Hope that helps, I haven’t found this anywhere, just been experimenting with it.


which guard tower or which chest? I’ve turn the place up side down and I couldn’t find the money.


In Talmberg Castle go all the way up the stairs, turn right and then you will see tower and inside chest . Inside there should be 3000 groschen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I had progesssed as far as waiting with Matthew and Fritz at the quarry but the guards never arrive. In Talmberg I have the glitch where the bridge doesn’t load properly so they couldn’t get out. The money was also out of the chest at that point so no good trying to steal it. I therefore downloaded the ‘cheat’ mod from nexus and used the item ID for the money for miners to spawn it into my inventory. I could then share that between us and finish the quest. Not ideal but needs must.