Antonia the chef ?SPOILERS

Hi there I am henry And I was wondering if any ye guys know what happens if you let Antonia be chef for that merchant fellow ?XD

From what I saw through my internet browsing it makes Konrad upset cuz shes prettier than Agnes. Konrad specifically requests someone who isn’t pretty and that can cook really well. Which leads you to Agnes in the Rattay Church.

Yeah well name one thing taht doesnt make Knorad upset its like he thinks if hes grumpy enough theyll make him Bailiff xD

But um is it ok for the quest if I do that ? Would she still get the job and everyone would live happy ever after or would Knorad fire her and Bailif would not want to speak with me ?

Well one thing I would do is save it with a snapps or go visit your bed and sleep/save and do that. If it’s not what you want then use Agnes instead.