Any chance of a czech voice being added?

Even though I was an early subscriber to the game and had it since day 1, I just now finallY finished! I have a 5 and 6 yr old and I just don’t get nearly enough gaming time anymore… It was great and am looking forward to another play through at some point in the future, but I was wondering if there’s any hope in holding out until a czech voice over is added. I think I remember before the game coming out that it definitely wasn’t going to happen with the release but was a possibility for the future. I played the game in German since that was closer than English or French, but as I played I could see how this game just oozed with Czech pride, and it was a real shame I couldn’t play with more than the occasional bits of Czech language (the Czech folksong bit after the night drinking in the tavern was one of my favorite parts of the game)

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At the end of latest lifestream ( ) they answered question about Czech dubbing. They said that still nothing is sure, but to my surprise the question is still on the table, and Dan Vávra stil wants the dubbing made. So there is still chance.

Crossing my fingers! I would pay for it as a DLC!

I would say no or maybe in few years but it is seems to me they are holding off this idea because they need more people to specifically work on this, since they are fully occupied by bug fixes, creating new DLCs and probably even new Modding support tool, I guess. But if they ever started to work on it, it may probably take them almost one year to have voiceovers done and since the game is already released and it wont bring that much more gamers from Czechia because of the new language localization, it may be low on their wishlist despite them saying they would like to have it, no doubt Czech studio would like to make those voiceovers, I take it from that point this is their first game and even decision like this is a big decision.

I take your point it won’t bring in many new gamers, although I’d like to state again I’d gladly pay some groschen for a Czech language DLC :slight_smile: It Would really add a lot to the gaming experience!