Any chance to disable bandit dogs?

I can do it with 1 dog,deal with him first by drawing him out.just takes bit of time.not sure about 2 dogs.havent faced it yet on my 2nd playthrough

Dogs are just annoying.
There’s a good strategy to deal with them:

  1. You will mostly hear the dog growling when you approach a camp or ambush, when you do back away.
  2. The enemies will follow, and so will the dog.
  3. With a lucky swing it’s easy to kill the dog
  4. It will bite your arm eventually, which will basically trigger a clinch animation.
  5. With the chain strike perk the damage dealt to the dog with each strike will increase exponentially
  6. With a bit of luck you’ll kill the pooch before the mobs catch up.

TBH having Mutt as a companion is more of an annoyance than enemy dogs, at least imo.

If you are far away from the camp with nigbthawk potion at night bandits wont chase you with the dog.kill him first ,deal with ithers via stealth later

Another thing I thought of: while bandit dogs make it more difficult to stab bandits in their sleep, using a longbow from far away still works fine. If you’re having trouble in hand-to-hand combat and don’t want to deal with dogs, just used poisoned arrows from a range great enough that enemies won’t detect you anymore.

If my Henry is not very good at stealth, attacking those camps can be suicide. There’s one Cuman camp south of Talmberg that had 3 dogs that kept latching onto me and I swear that it was like the sword was going right through them! Of course there were quite a few enemies there that killed me in short order, and my dog (Mutt) got frightened and ran away. I must have died several times before I gave up un sheer frustration.

That’s why you’ve gotta mix things up. You can attack a few, run away, then return, attack at night (as long as you deal with the dogs first), or try to poison their food. Or just come back after you improve your stats.

Just bring a shield with you. If one of those little anklebiters ambushes you, you can just bash them over the head until they die. You can do the same with your free hand, but it takes way longer.

It just shouldn’t be a problem first of all. When devs were adding dogs, they should have thought about ways to counter them. Both in “classic” slash everyone gameplay and stealthy approach. Hell, Far Cry 3 and following ones had more complicated stealth mechanics (there were no dogs there, but that mechanics COULD be adapted for the hypothetical addition of dogs).

Like, really, dog bites you and hangs on your hand, not letting you go? “Open it”, you have a dagger for some reasons.

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