Any chance to disable bandit dogs?

Is there any chance it will be possible to disable that bandit have dogs? It just really brings out the worst in the combat system… You pretty much swing your weapon blindly and hope for the best, and many times it just goes through the dog but not registred as a hit, it just really does not suit the lock-on combat system in KCD…

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I’m giving this a bump. I’ve found that in random encounters if I fail the flee I start off right beside them, get dehorsed, pinned by the dog, and beaten to death by the 2-3 bandits. It’s just about impossible to win like this, falling off the horse is bad enough especially if you end up floundering on the ground for 10 seconds but then the dog comes along and you are just beaten to death.

Well, how many times have you beaten 3 opponents and a dog? In real life?