Any chance to disable bandit dogs?

Is there any chance it will be possible to disable that bandit have dogs? It just really brings out the worst in the combat system… You pretty much swing your weapon blindly and hope for the best, and many times it just goes through the dog but not registred as a hit, it just really does not suit the lock-on combat system in KCD…


I’m giving this a bump. I’ve found that in random encounters if I fail the flee I start off right beside them, get dehorsed, pinned by the dog, and beaten to death by the 2-3 bandits. It’s just about impossible to win like this, falling off the horse is bad enough especially if you end up floundering on the ground for 10 seconds but then the dog comes along and you are just beaten to death.

Well, how many times have you beaten 3 opponents and a dog? In real life?


How often in real life have you beaten one opponent in sword combat or a dog? This is a bullshit argument.
Dogs make gameplay shitty, because combat is obviously not designed with them in mind.

Not to mention bandit dogs are bugged currently because Dog Person perk and that one potion (forgot its name) dont work on them, so now stealth is useless in clearing camps. Every encounter plays out the same - you use bow to take out dog or dogs (them being small target it doesn’t work that well especially on low levels) or just swing your sword wildly in their general direction hoping for the best.

To me game was better prior to patch because this shit is infuriating.


Gamewise … ok, combat with dogs can be difficult. But combat with multiple opponents with dogs SHOULD be difficult, that is ok and realistic. If you never fought 3 competent opponents with a sword, I did (of course in training). And trust me that you will not win, unless you have very lucky day. And we did not have any dogs there.

It is OK that the dogs drag Henry’s attention from human opponents, because that is exactly what dogs are meant to do. That is why bandits have them. And that is why it is wise to deal with them earlier, as you are already doing. So where is the problem?

I already told you the problem:

  1. you cant deal with dogs using tools specifically designed for it (perk/potion are bugged)
  2. You cant target those mutts in close combat. This is a big one.
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OK, I understand

But you can bash them when the dogs try to drag you down. Im Using shortsword and shield. I dont see any problem with this new mechanic. Makes fights interesting actually and let you think about what to do before a fight.


I want to see working stealth mechanics, taking into account existance of dogs in the game. I can’t cut out enemy camps even if I have plenty of meat and poison for it. I can’t throw that meat further than dropping under myself - which puts me into the risk of getting close contact with angry dog or two.

Not liking this new addition of dogs very much either. I’m not sure which dlc added this to the bandit camp but I know that they were not in the base game. I started a new character after adding A Woman’s Lot, and have died so much more with dogs especially in ambushes. Not happy :pensive:

In the game i am able to beaten five enemies in a mid-heavy plate armor combination. But with dogs it is crap if there isnt a real lock-on system like on Human Mobs. (Didnt tested the latest updates yet in a world exploration) In Real life it is logical. But Thank you for mentioning that, i will compare the random encounter file with an very old one and see what is different.

Yeah, it feels that dogs weren’t thought to be in the game in the beginning. Well, devs may have planned this, but there was no niche for them in gamedesign.

I try to shoot the dogs first. They are easy enough to kill but by the time you do the humans have usually thumped you pretty well.

Repurchased the game as Royal edition to play the Dlcs. I am having the same issue with bandit camps.I am a stealth main and the dog person perk doesnt seem to help and dogs are ruining stealthing bandit camps.
Has anyone tried dropping poisoned meat in possible path of dog and see if it works?

I did. Never saw it work - master of the dog/dogs picks that meat and stores it into inventory.

Whats the Solution to this? Has anyone tried taking their trained mutt to the camps? They do attack…so in darkness does one dog fight another or something?

I think the dogs should remain, but it should be way easier to kill them. It’s highly unlikely that in full plate armor, a dog that size would be able to pin you down as easily as it does. That dog is so small that a swift kick in the ribs is all it would realistically take to incapacitate it. I’m not a fan of the feature where swinging at a dog results in it biting your arm; that’s a bit unrealistic. You should be able to swing at the dog, cut it in half, and that’s that.

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Actually, dogs should be fixed for all kinds of gameplay - “classic” brutal slashing with swords, and stealth. Until that is patched, I abandoned the game.

Is warhorse even acknowledging this as an issue?

Who knows… It is not a PDX-Plaza forum, where such thread would have been likely noticed.