Any new games recommend?


If you want more exploration in the game then you can also try Destiny 2.
Map on the different planets really gonna help to win.


@DavidKing: I tried Destiny 2 for half hour on a friend’s PS4 Pro, it’s not my thing. I’m not a hardcore FPSer anyway, mostly play stealth, action/adventure, RPGs, sandbox. But anyway, it felt kind of like a mix between Call Of Duty and World Of Warcraft, but online. I used to be hooked on WoW, spent so much money and several years in it. That game is a life ruiner, LOL.


Well, that’s good.


It was only the pre-disaster for PUBG. DayZ was the biggest Hype trash ever.
There are even some Arma2 mods with lesser content who are everytime better.
What is ArmA without the Operation Flashpoint islands :smile:


Started playing Divinty2 the Definitive Edition (picked up while on sale on Steam in December). It is interesting, a whole lot of content, with magic and monsters galore. I am not a big fan of magic and fantasy, but the characters and voice acting is entertaining. The game overall has been fun.


Monsters are good, but it’s always a question of design.