Any new games recommend?


Very difficult time deciding on when I should play KingdomCome Deliverance again or Skyrim again

Both very diverse games but kinda typically the same mechanics. I adore both of them but I genuinely wanna restart one regarding them, what do an individual guys think? How carry out you choose what video games to play when an individual wanna play multiple from once? Currently friends advise a new game Metro Exodus, i play some days, uninteresting now. does someone have got any new games advise?


Recommending any game, book, movie etc to someone wich tastes are complete unknown to you is rather pointless.
Resident Evil 2 maybe? :slight_smile:

  • Elex
  • SOMA


Not a classical RPG, but so far I’ve been extremely impressed with Metro Exodus. It’s basically Fallout set in Russia but alot darker, a continuation of the Metro series. If you’re into the post-nuclear apocalyptic thing then I’d say go for it.


Elex also plays in a post-apocalyptical fantasy world, a great mix between the two settings and it’s a true RPG.
Metro is a shooter. I like 2033 and Last Light, because they are 80 % underground. But not interested in Exodus.


You’re obviously a big fan of Skyrim and KCD, but what about them draws you in? Is it exploring and discovering new things in a broad world? Or maybe you like choosing between a wide array of skills and perks to create the optimal fighting machine? Then again, maybe maybe what you are after is a wide world rich in lore and side-quests to get lost in?

Questions aside, if switching from swords and dragons to guns and toxic beasts dosn’t float your boat, then maybe an different RPG you might have missed out on like Witcher 3 might fill the void.


If you havend played it before, ENDERAL is now on Steam (for free). That’s the better Skyrim… :grinning:


People always recommend Witcher 3, but I rather would say start with Witcher 1 and then Witcher 2 before playing Witcher 3. The first two titles are even better than Witcher 3, but notice that it is very hard to get in Witcher 1 because of bad optimized controls, combat system and menu design.

And what do you mean with “new”? New in case of the release date or new in case of ‘new recommendations’ for games that might interest you? I would recommend the Gothic series from 2001 then. It’s the best open-world RPG series of all time. Risen is the second best.


I am a PC gamer and always looking to have games for the PC platform but according to tome one can also go for the Call of Duty and Destiny 2 to play.:sunglasses:
If talking about the simulation role-playing game then FIFA is booming in the market.:no_mouth:


I’m taking back my Metro: Exodus recommendation. After playing for over a week, it has now become boring. There really isn’t that much on the map to explore, and when you do, there is no compelling reward for doing so. In regards to enemies, you are either fighting mutated creatures or humans. With the mutations it’s pretty much just shoot, run for cover, pray that you survive, rinse and repeat. Humans are much simpler, no need for details. Although best bet is to try stealth with them first. ME is basically a standard FPS title. I’ll give the devs some credit, the fights can be really hard, even on normal some enemies can one-hit you. I feel that they are a bit overpowered. But it’s nothing a hardcore FPS player cant handle. In this case open world isn’t always good. I’d give it a 5/10.


This is the problem with most shooters. The only ones that I can recommend and which never get boring are:

  • No One Lives Forever
  • Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth
  • Call of Duty 1 & 2
  • Stalker series
  • Metro 2033 & Last Light
  • BioShock series
  • Portal 1 & 2


Deus ex is an interesting game. like kingdom come many ways to approach missions. hidden routes or stuff you figure out for yourself.

Arma 3 is a good military type sim. got a lot of different sides to it. So much content, from a big single player campaign, player made campaigns, lots of free steam workshop single player content made by players, mods . it is hard not to like it.


I personally enjoyed both Mutant Year Zero and Atom RPG. Mutant Year Zero is quite a departure from KCD, but was fun and they just added new content so will play again. Atom RPB is a Russian version of Fallout, very engaging and entertaining. Mutant Year Zero is pricey, at $30+ (USD) and Atom RPG is a bargain at $15 (USD).


I recommend “Penumbra” here: Overture, Black Plague, Requiem
You have to use what you find lying around the environment and the physics to figure your way out. But it’s a lot more than just a puzzle game. It’s one of the best video game experiences in every aspect.



You dont need to play every title. Only if you interested in the development and his cuts.
Download the Mod Lost Alpha and buy only Call of Pripyat (european keys are disabled and banned).
And if you want more free roam after both titles, download and play Call of Chernobyl mod. STALKER is a game which comes to his glory only with mods. The three base games (SoC, CS, CoP) are only good basics^^


will give it a look see. cheers.


Wish Atom were ported


Do you know what the earliest period military type sim is? Wish there were a medieval/Greco-Roman type military sim (not AC:O, etc)


@Sterling-Archer: Are you kidding? Deus Ex is more like Hitman, not KCD. It’s not even an RPG. They basically drop you off in a mission and you decide the best course of action (either stealth or run-n-gun). Deus Ex isn’t open world either.

In regards to Arma 3 and the Arma series, agreed. Best MilSim ever. very accurate, fun. But where it really shines is the online MP. DayZ Mod/Standalone is also pretty good, made by same company, set in a post-nuclear apocalyptic Eastern Europe, but on Arma 2’s map. I can’t count the # of hours I’ve burned playing these games online.


Oh yes, Penumbra is awesome. A very unique horror experience due to an engine that let you interact with almost everything and use their physics. You feel completely immersed. There is no HUD and no message pop-ups!