Any news on release date?


I cannot wait! I’m totally into open world games like this. I located this game on future upcoming games from Wiki. Now it’s a waiting game I am playing. :blush:


You can see a release dater at the german site of
It says 30.12.2017. But i have no idea if its the right release date.



I think that is their conservative equivalent to the guesses that other releases make for June/July. I doubt it has any relevance to the actual date.

It has advantages over the ‘best guess’/‘early news of actual release date’ as you cannot ‘accidentally’ spoil the announcement in the advert for pre-orders, and any small change is brought forward rather than delayed.


That’s just a placeholder, just like the dates that Amazon and any other gameshop will use when there isn’t a official date set.

It’s to try to get more sales to their shop. Or get extra traffic to their site since they have some ‘exclusive’ news about the release date.


THIS is the problem with SC, they are spending our money re-working and re-working assets over and over. Freelancer in re-worked version 3 as well, at least. How many times has the hangar been re-worked, and why? How much of the development money is being spent feeding the hype machine?

DO NOT get me wrong, I am neither a fanboi nor a hater. I’m into SC for a Freelancer as well as many of my friends since the real kickstarter in October (of what year?) so we have an excuse. I wouldn’t have backed it seeing how things have played out. However, it won’t break my account or cause much undo stress if the game falls flat. Dev’m is just being poorly managed.


I agree with you. To a point that is. I think them updating their older assets is great. Because comparing the old hornet to the latest ship would be terrible to see.

That said they are working way to long on the game. Now, I understand it can take alot of time to create such a game. But they should have atleast developed squadron 42 by now. Its a single player story driven, mostly linear, game. They havent even shown anything from it yet. 2 years (?) since the trailer release, even longer since they promised to show us more ‘soon’.

Even last year, they couldnt finish the demo in time… okay, Sure. They promised us again to show us more, soon (This was in october) then came the Christmass stream, SQ42 wasn’t even mentioned let alone the demo.

So I agree, had I known this was the development process. I wouldn’t have backed the game. Again, I know it can take a long time to make a game. But atleast show progress or keep the community well informed.


That is because the IA they are preparing for the persistent universe (subsumption) is going to be on SQ42, It could be to control NPCs or even for dynamic missions system. So they are delayed SQ42 because it has new technologies that are not finished.

Anyway this new technology was not ready for the last year demo (was something related with the coordination of the IA and the animations) and they couldn’t fix it.

SC has nothing to do with the project they planned for kickstarted campaign. I think it’s going to worth the wait.

The same for KCD.