Any news on release date?


It feels like it’s never going to be released. Shouldn’t there be an idea by now?


devs fully focused on pushing release as fast as possible so no updates and other misc stuff. Summer is release date


Where are you getting this from? From what we’ve heard they’re focused on polishing right now, and we don’t have a general release time.


Who said??


There was no such offcial info, but imo it’s a reasonable guess. Although I would say that summer is just the closest possible time for the release. Considering all the info we have, it is highly unlikely they will be able to release it sooner.


There you go. /thread


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A little info from inside - "We will have to release the game before we run out of money, definitely this year."
Not much help, huh? :stuck_out_tongue:


I think that the time it takes Dan Vávra to answer questions on Weekly Torch (i.e. FOREVER) could be a good indication as regards release.


Hey guys, we still have not yet said anything official besides the year. Hang tight! Y’all will be some of the first to know!


I still have money on a new years eve release.


Want to bet? I am putting my money on Fools Day, then :slight_smile:


Be glad you are not a supporter of Star Citizen, (5 years and no end in sight). I also supported Shroud of the Avatar which started at almost exactly the same time as KC and they haven’t released yet either. Although they are getting close. Both should launch this year, Star Citizen, who knows?


I still think it’s fishy they haven’t showed us Squadron 42… we have no info on that game at all… even the actors who play what characters are barely revealed. I really hope it’s a good game, outside SC, but this is the first game I actually am scared of being scammed for.


Whenever I support a game that “looks” interesting, I go in with the idea that it may fail and the money will be a wirte-off. I am into Star Citizen for about $90 total. I feel sorry for the people who have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars, but no one twisted their are. The knew what they were doing or they should have. My concern about Star Citizen is that after 5+ years in development, the graphics are starting to look a little dated. They chose to go with the prior Cryengine version rather than the latest version at that time because it was more stable. The trouble is that now they are stuck with the old engine and things have moved on. I will be sad if SC is not released and I will be if it performs poorly or looks dated. But, as I said, I always considered it a gamble as I do with all the games I support Kickstarter games because they are game that I would like to see built. I hope they will be successful but I realize that some of them are just money down the drain. I was an early supporter of Elite Dangerous. In fact it was the announcement by Chris Roberts of the ED Kickstarter that caused me to go and look at it. Just Like I remember the Wing Commander and Privateer series, I remember Elite, Elite II and Elite III. People say all kinds of stuff pro and con about ED, but for my money, ED turned out great and Frontier is improving it all the time.


I thought Roberts team is reworking SC and leaving cryengine? Only heard this, i dont follow up on the news…


How exciting.


They have reworked it into their own version. The have even licensed the Amazon variation, lumberyard, for its networking code and multiplayer functionality.

And I wouldn’t say SC looks dated, they update their assets every so often, they are pioneering in alot of tech, like mocap.
I mean the Hornet has been remade about 3 time with upgraded graphics and tech.


One thing we know for sure, they will tell us the release date in the first quarter of 2017. So before 1st of April we now the date.


I am pretty sure that it will definitely be somewhen this year since they now have a duty to Deep Silver. You can’t just say “yeah, we have it” and they immediately start to make copies because they have nothing else to do or opposite. And the last thing is money of course.