Any of you guys into Historical Martial arts, what art (s)/manuals?

I practice every day with my short sword, until it sprays some kind of liquid, them i’m done for the day :laughing:

What system?

In my country is called “punheta”, you can search for it in the internet for more information.

I tried…a bunch of porn sites popped up.

Interesting combo, what makes you go with these?

Ummmm… ive never heard someone say hs3227 and codex wallerstein are the same manual?

Isnt Wallerstein more related to Ps-Gladitoria and HS3227 (Dobringer) early Liechtenauer? I mean both are German but their not even tied to the same tradition, right?

I’m interested in the Scandinavian martial art of Glima. Looks that up if you haven’t heard. The ancient Greeks also had an art called Pankration. I have been practicing drills with a Cold Steel gladius, it’s good exercise. Would like to learn from the medieval manuals though. Concepts like ‘half-swording’ & the like are interesting techniques…

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