Any stoners playing this?


It’s a synthetic cannaboid, much stronger than weed and the high is insane!!


I did a little research after your post.

I stay away from synthetics that haven’t had many medical trials. I had a few bad experiences with spice, since then I am less willing to guinea pig new compounds.

Im excited to see where the synthetic scene goes though really makes me feel like Dennis Leary’s interpretation of the future of academia could become a reality.

In what ways in particular?


Ah that’s why your posts are often so weird!
A good meant advice: Keep your hands off! JWH is a hell of a drug…


Should try it, will make you happier.


I did :wink:

I know this substance very well…even the inventor, John W. Huffman, says its a very dangerous substance group.
If you are just a bit interested in chemistry you will see this is not a substance to play with!

but as i said…just a good meant advice :wink:


Possibly the worst motivation to ever take a substance.

I feel like this topics gonna diverge into a deep discussion on Psychedelics. :grimacing:


Fear and loathing in Bohemia


Knowing regulated pharma products and the cGMP/GLP inspections they abide by… have limited trust of all pharmacological products including and maybe especially those that are psychoactive


This reference to the movie is hilarious.


:smoking: 420 :czech_republic:


Ok we for sure have some tokers.

Anyone else Growing their own? Stoked to harvest this bad bitch.