Any stoners playing this?


Any one playing this while stoned?
I like to just roam around for hours or just sit in a tavern and forget there is a whole world around me…:grin:


I like playing on da Black Mamba


My droug is KCD :grin:


Haven’t seen any cannabis gruit or henbane infused beer for sale at the taverns

Btw, can one of you German SMEs explain the etymological/historical connection (if any) between the city (Pilsen) and plant (henbane)?


Well no. But I have fond memories of women burning bra’s, Black is Beautiful, and hippies in a field wanting to by the world a coke.


I’ve been known to drink a few beers while I play. Schnapps too.


Named after Bilsenkraut the German name for henbane apparently, as it was used in the brewing process.


Can’t read German so can’t evaluate the source. Is that a credible account? Not sure why but seems a little apochryphal


Well you can’t always believe everything you read on t’internet. Then again you can’t believe everything that is written in history books as the victors tended to write the history. It’s from a wiki so it’s down to you to accept it or not. Don’t ask me if it is credible as you may not agree with my answer. I was only trying to help… SORRY.


black mamba is seriously addictive. have to have some at least once a day or I am shaking and sweating. It’s bad shit!


Not questioning your intent. There are a lot of HRE/German history buffs here. Was hoping someone (not necessarily you) could confirm or deny



I usually smoke during cut scenes and when sleeping.


What u smoke just weed?


Cannabis mostly, tobacco on the rare occasion I smoke a blunt.


too hard to play stoned. i like to really f people up in combat.


U tried the mamba?


Cannot say I am familiar with it. at least by that name.

When I get the munchies though Mambas are delicious.


No but I like to play it while doing other stuff, for example eating candies or gummy bears. Yes, life is strange.


I do after 10pm only.

The game is not harder, it is just easier to drift away without doing any specific quests. Sometime, I just explore for hours trying to find secrets here and there.


Especially in the forests!