Any tips for multi enemy combat?

I either crush them one after the other or they crush me, particularly the latter case when they have shields.

My main issue is the camera, it’s so damn weird, it doesn’t move like I want it to, I can’t keep visibility of the targets, my character tunnel visions on one of them who usually backs up and then I get surrounded. It’s not that it’s hard, it just feels gimmicky, I find myself having to hold shift until someone attacks and then I either get hit or let it go and hope it targets him in time to block the attack.

1v1 is perfectly fine and very easy and quite fun now that I unlocked master strikes and combos, but multiple enemies are a huge disappointment, even when I win them unchallenged.

If on PC, try the camera mods. There is at least one which makes targeting more responsive.
One of the tips that helped me: keep them on one line so that only one at a time can attack you and MOVE! Move and never stop. If they have archers, then cover from them behind their buddies that attack you in melee.

Thanks Ilya, I’ll look up these mods you’re talking about. As it stands the lock on mechanic seems poorly designed for anything more than a 1v1 spar

I use a mouse and the unlock function is on the middle button. Very handy when I need to drop the lock.

Be aware that using mods is going to increase the chance of bugs in a game that already has a high risk of buggy occurences. I’d rather try to get used to quick target changing and follow Ilya’s advice.

I struggled with multienemy combat just like you do, but with some practice (and Henry getting better) I managed to learn to move and position myself out of harm’s way, keeping situational awareness of my surrounding and enemies, defending and attacking when I have a chance. I use the target change button a lot, the responsiveness is not instant, so it requires some getting use to it, but I find it basic for my gameplay style.

Getting better and kicking ass in situations in which you previously had to flee is part of the satisfactions this game’s learning curve offers (sum of player skill+Henry development+gear improvement).

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When engaging multiple opponents really the best thing you can do if you lose vision of the other enemy is to break combat turn around and sprint when you do this you put some needed space between you are the enemy and you can also see where they are again, and who knows you might find yourself in a more favorable position.

This is really the only tactic I know of personally without mod support, and playing on Hardcore it’s an invaluable strategy. I break combat almost non stop when dealing with multiple opponents, if the camera and targeting system was more fluid it might make engaging multiples easier – but I don’t think warhorse intended it to play that way ; when facing multiple enemies they want you to know you’re at a serious disadvantage.

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You’re right on that and I found myself using that same approach as well before, but as I said it either ends in me crushing them in a row or them steadily overwhelming me. I’ll try funneling a bit more, the mod i tried is definitely a lot more freeing, although not as much as I hoped it would be, locking on seems to be at the core of how KCD was developed, which is a pity. I really wish it played like Mount & Blade - great combat depth without sacrificing fluidity.

Still I’ll try getting used to the mod (which is just config changes in the user file) and simultaneously practice the funneling techniques you all mentioned up above. I still don’t think it’s as rewarding as it could be. 1v10 might be too much even for a high level Henry, but a 5v1 against peasants should not only be easy to do but should also feel fun and empowering, which it currently doesn’t. It feels gimmicky and clunky.

You need to manage your stamina above half and keep bashing them. Their armor will wear out and the one who damages opponents armor sooner will have upper hand. Other than that you should learn some useful skills like headcracker. That’s mostly useful against single target.
When you want to create best opportunity for yourself and they are in open, try shooting them with bow from horseback. I know it’s hard, try to be hidden as long as possible.
If they are in bad or covered terrain, try to go above them on hill or behind trees, fallen tree, building or some obstacles in between to buy time.
This leads to another point. Lure them to obstacles and create distances, move away from them, but don’t run. When they run to you, they lose stamina and are easier to injure.
Last thing is to drink potion before battle and apply correct weapon. I found shield always useful, better than halberd. You will get drunk, that’s why you better learn skill like Witcher.
Another tip, wait till dark, kill them in sleep. Avoid multiple opponents till you get better at fighting, visit Bernard to learn useful tricks and pick off single opponents, it will take time till those multiple opponents give up on chasing you and only one stays. If you can’t beat one opponent, then you maybe suck with your weapon. I’ve come to point I can beat opponent with my fists, just one on one is safe to do so. Opponent is less aggressive when you don’t have weapon, respectively uses different techniques.
One more thing. If you suck at swinging weapon, get your strength higher, go towards opponent into clinch and push them away, it takes you less stamina than swinging but you need to click fast and have higher strength than enemy, so it doesn’t work against trained soldier at the beginning.

Basics :
Do not rush into a bandit camp of course.
Wear good equipment, in good shape (repair).
Do not carry more than what you’re supposed to, and don not eat too much. It’s bad for the stamina/breath.
Watch your stamina before to attack ; it should be high enough since it’s like a shield.
Do not use a weapon that has higher stats than yours (strength, agility).
Git Gud ; stength level 1 to 5 try to fight against 1 enemy at a time only. Str level 6 to 10 against 2, and so on. Train with captain Bernard with a wooden sword, learn the combos, master strike, perfect block.

Try to lure one or 2 enemies at a time (whistle like shown at the beginning to save Theresa for example, then go 100 meters in a bush ; some soldiers will go to the direction where they heard the whistle).

During night, poison the food if you are “sneaky skilled” (wear dark, low noise, low consc/visibility clothes). Kill or stun one of the enemy if he is far enough from the others and sleeping.

Wen there is 2 or 3 enemies left, shoot an arrow on the first enemy, grab your sword, choose a narrow place (the cave in the first “Cpt Bernard” bandit camp or stairs or a cliff or with bushes/trees around) in order to have one or 2 enemies max against you,
then :
-clinch + attack
-perfect block + attack
(the attack can be a combo)

Watch the hardcore playthrough from the youtuber sparkleedge. (google sparkleedge kingdomcome)

Best advice.
Back off and when you have distance, engage the one in front.
Repeat until death of you or them. Do it well and it will be them.

It is only ninjas who are polite enough to surround you and wait patiently while one guy gets destroyed before the next ninja steps in to have a go.
Ninjas are extremely good at killing, but they are very very stupid.

Combat is not intuitive and Henry does not get “better” just by adding strength. You gotta take your lumps with Bernard. It doesn’t have to be all in one shot, but the more you fight him and observe his technique the more you’ll realize what you’re doing wrong. Like yesterday I spent a while just doing sword and shield with him and I realized some mistakes I was making. He’s still tough, but he’s not whooping up on me as badly as he was.

But there are ways to cheapen combat. Use bow/arrow on melee, use melee on bow/arrow (if you can close the gap). If you suck at bow and arrow, practice. It’s as much real life skill and intuition as it is in game skill.

Bow and weapon in melee is a joke, I’m not sure how they even allow it to happen, but it’s super effective somehow, they just keep circling you as you ready a rail shot through their eyesocket.

One thing I noticed combos seem to not always activate by being quick. Sometimes taking it a little slower shows better results with combos, also there seems to be a chance that combos are executed correctly but won’t play which might have to do with the weapon skill you have. Or maybe I mistime it and screw it up, however bernard gives me positive confirmation even when it doesn’t trigger the correct animation.

How do you make a combat system like this and have the majority of encounters be you vs multiple enemies. It’s so retarded.