Any Upcoming Updates?


Any news on upcoming updates? I just lost all my saved data due to an issue I had with my PS4 and I’m not going to start a new playthrough unless something is fixed or added to the game. I’m completely unmotivated to play this game after losing my saved data and the bugs I encountered where enough to prevent me from playing for several weeks before I even lost my data. I won’t bother listing the bugs since they have been mentioned throughout this forum several times and has yet to be fixed by the devs. A good update with bug fixes and added features should bring me back and get me started on a new playthrough once again.

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The “Woman’s Lot” DLC is due at the end of May together with the next patch.

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Good, looking foward to that patch.


I can assure you that they still won’t fix most of the bugs. Like the invisible boots and the broken quests (necklace) from the newest DLC which are there for 2 months and they didn’t even respond to STEAM’s or Forums reports about them.


Well, I think the correct (best) way to report bugs is to mail to:


Well, I appreciate it but it’s the first time in my life I’ll need to send a mail for bug reports. Forums,STEAM etc are the usual way. It’s our fault if they don’t pay attention to their own forum or community.


When you send your first e-mail you’re registered in their bug tracking system and then you get help there and later you can just open new cases there.


Thank you. I didn’t know that, to be honest. I’ll give it a go.
But still their services are horrible.


I’ve made a thread where people can report bugs, that was more than a year ago and has received over 200 replies and several bugs have been reported thanks to that thread. Yet many of the major bugs are present, there’s one where your hits don’t land which has happened to me (There’s a fix to this), there’s the Merhojed bug when you transport the bandit to Rattay, which caused every quest after that to glitch and bug out (This ruined the game for me and forced me to reload a very old save). There’s the Robber Baron quest glitch that causes all the enemies in the battlefield to stand in place. All of these have been reported, and yet they’re still here.