Anyone able to help with lockpicking on PC?


Bought the game on Steam, and can honestly, say, if a refund was still available for me, I’d ask for it because of lockpicking.

Is it legitimately even possible on the PC? I have just spent over two HOURS re-loading a save over and over again trying to open an EASY chest in the castle trying to steal a guards uniform. Literally can NOT get this to work no matter what I try. I’ve been to YouTube looking for tutorials, scoured the forums, and the only thing I’m seeing is other people having the same problem with lockpicking being impossible.

To the developers: Is there any way to get a refund on this game now, since by the time I was actually in a situation to lockpick in-game, I was already past the time limit for Steam to refund me, and if I had known the game would simply be unplayable on the PC because of lockpicking, I would have never bought it. As it stands now, I’m stuck in the castle, unable to leave because I literally can not open a very easy chest.

Is there any way to force open a chest with a console command? I’m just DONE with this…



You should start with very easy Chests and you might have recogniced that the golden Point is in a different startingpoint everytime. Stop lockpicking If startingpoint is NOT in the outsidecircle. If you start in the outer Line it should be quite easy - Hope you can enjoy the game now - remember the Key in kdc is Training Training training



Sorry, but that doesn’t help at all. I’ve done all of that. I’ve looked at the YouTube tutorials. I have the gold circle as large as it gets in the chest. And EVERY time I try to move the mouse around to keep it gold, lockpick breaks. It it not training training training at this point. it is me quitting playing a game I had to spend $60 on because it is literally impossible. If, after spending more than TWO HOURS trying to open a simple chest, and I don’t even come close ONCE, that is not a training/skill issue. That is a design flaw. And based on all the other posts I’ve seen out there about lockpicking being a joke, I’m definitely not alone. Any console commands to force open a chest? Yes, I’m ready to cheat…



Did you try the Training with miller Pescheck?



It’s not impossible at all, just hard, as it’s meant to be in the beginning. If the task truly feels "impossible ", as you said, then I’d suggest taking a few days break from the game. Not thinking about a problem for a while often times helps in solving it.

I’m using a mouse and it took me a few tries to get the hang of it. These days, lockpicking is one of the easiest things in the game. Even if I restart from the beginning and try it with an unskilled Henry.

By the way, have you tried experimenting with different mouse sensitivity settings? I didn’t need to, but it might help in your case.



You can send me your save file or ask refund.



I have not found him. Where is he located? The first time I had to do anything with a lockpick was at the castle, trying to steal a guards uniform so I could go back and bury my parents.



Have not tried adjusting mouse sensitivity settings. Is that an adjustment I can do in-game, or do I need to re-set the mouse settings at my system level? From what I can tell, I need to get the gold ball as large as possible, and move the mouse in a circle around with the lock tumbler as I hold down ‘D’, correct?



At the Rattay mill. The same place where Theresa brought you and took care of you after the attack on Skalitz.



By the way, there are two other different ways to escape, besides lockpicking and stealing armor.



HannoverFyste is not at this point yet i think.



Ah, cool! I will go look for him! Thank you for the advice.



If and only if all else fails, you can always download the “Cheat” mod from Nexus.



Since player is on PC, I would not recommend to use cheat for lockpicking. I find it easier as you improve the skill. I can not tell about the consoles but the PC is certainly not that impossible as people tend to say. It only requires patience at start and soon after it becomes easy to lockpick very easy locks where you can ramp your skill up slowly and so the challenge becomes much easier, meaning you can still fail if you do bad moves but I find it easy even to unlock very hard locks.