Anyone else a little paranoid of knife attacks?


I have always been paranoid about knife attacks, especially because of how ferocious they are and how devastating they can be. just wondering if anyone else has this fear.


Then do it like Metatron, he always wears chainmail armor under his shirt.


I’d prefer to wear full plate. Since a mail shirt doesn’t stop you from getting knifed in throat or legs .

An informative video. Also remember to stop a charging knife attacker you need at least ten feet or more, unless you hit them in the central nervous system (neck or above).

Will KC:D have insta kills with arrows to an unarmored head, or if it went through the visor?


Yes, this will most likely be possible, but we are still balancing the game.



Some other characters Nshit.


Can confirm.
Full plated guy with open visor can be killed with one arrow to the face (given that you have some decent arrows and bow)


Awesome :slight_smile: I think it can easily be balanced by how fecking hard it is to hit moving target without crosshair :smiley:


And, why wear a chainmail?! Come on, we live in 21st century :slight_smile:

Just buy a ballistic vest, it can also protect from all type of knives, if you fear stabbing. Plus, it will protect you from bullets too, something topical in current Western Europe and all those islamist problems.
Here is a website: They are EU based, just contact them and order one. And you will be safe, for most part.

Thank me later! :slight_smile:


yeah, be a tacticool turtle, wearing no plates in plate carrier…
or wear plates in summer… know few of them who wore them while it was 50°C outside on sun, they usually had nice red faces


i think it would be amazing if people walked around with tactical vests, kevlar, etc. imaigne walking into a bar with your anti stab vest on, a ballistic helmet, an anti stab facemask, and you drink with a straw. wow. i’m tired of this skinny jeans fashion trend where men dress themselves like little girls


Wow just saw ongoing shitstorm in HEMA Alliance community, looks like UK gonna ban trading with all cold weapons, including training and tournament equipment like federshwerts. Like srsly? Politics goin nuts again…


Not quite… just postage of ‘bladed or pointed’ objects to all home addresses… but you can get your kitchen knives (you know the things actually used in knife crime) at your local supermarket, kitchen drawer etc.

Meanwhile there are only one or two “high street” suppliers of foil, epee, sabre, backsword, rapier, longsword, federschwert etc in the whole UK, and the majority are bought online from European smiths, often to custom order.

The ‘carrying’ of any of these for any purpose is currently a crime. It has a legal defence if it is being carried for one of the exempting purposes, but you are guilty until you prove your innocence.
This has been applied in the past to the importation (with all the correct documentation) of custom sharp sabres - the chap was arrested and had a nearly year long battle to have the case dismissed and the £10,000 of his property confiscated returned to him.

The ‘knife crime’ thing is grossly exaggerated too. Something like 5-8% of violent crime includes a knife (somewhat more where there is wounding, of course as a knife is quite efficient at causing wounds compared to… nothing, as guns are hard to come by), and the numbers of deaths amount to a few hundred per year. Wounding seems to be around 3000 or so, but the figures are deliberately obfuscated within the ‘knife crime’ hype, where possession is as serious as use to offend or threaten (with a 4 year mandatory sentence if a defence isn’t permitted).




Where I live, if you stab someone, your going to get shot. Hence why it rarely happens here.


Maybe I understand wrong. If they ban postage of bladed or pointed objects (urm, let’s call it scientifically - “BLADeS”) then UK HEMA folks have even bigger problem than now as they can not buy their new weapons as I doubt they will go for them to wherever they can buy them to transport them home (btw transport of cold weapons across borders, even blunted, is odyssey of it own). So that basically hurts HEMA and all fighters/sportsmen.
Btw I thought UK is kinda modern state today, and therefore they apply presumption of innocence, or am I wrong?
Everything you are saying is pointing me towards assurance that lagislators in UK are kinda lobotomized.

Yeah, great, let’s spread this idea from texas to europe so I can shoot my fat neighbor! I hate his lifestyle of eating McDonald and KFC all the time. I suffer his existence only because I will use him as meat can when next conflict begins…


Didn’t mean it like that. I don’t even own a gun. I’m just saying, knife attacks are rare where I live due to many reasons. One, it isn’t as dense as some cities in Europe. Two, all our officers carry weapons. Three, there are police EVERYWHERE etc. Getting shot at or ran over by a vehicle is common though.