Anyone else actually practice Historical European Martial Arts?

1 weapon in each hand isn’t allowed in BOTN rules.
From wich country he is ?

BoTN is not HEMA. BoTN is a sport that uses sword like objects.

Don’t get me wrong, its very cool, but its not a Martial Art.

It’s literally rugby, just in armour, with medieval-ish objects.
Very cool and fun, but yeah. Rugby in armour. Which is a cool thing.

And hey - if the longsword is the queen, the pollaxe is the king!

Also, this is my kit, wrong gauntlets and helmet, but I have to make due with what I have until I get my new shiny new harness. :smile:

My kit

Eaaaaaargh man, its more than rugby in armor!
Even if I agree on the fact that this is NOT a martial art. But this is a fighting sport.

I’ve always wanted to try a medieval type of fighting in real life. I love the games and i love history. There is just no place to do these things where i live. The closest business that teaches this is about 3 hours away. I’m planning on moving soon, so maybe i’ll find a group where i can join and do this too!

I still can’t post images yet (too new).

I have a few kits, one from 1370, one from 1405 and my latest is a Milanese Al Tadesca set, in the black from about 1470 or so.

I enjoy teaching folks about arms and armour and have a great time doing it.

Just got back this past weekend from Shortpoint in Maryland, we had about 45 people show up, about 40 of them were fighting.

It was great to work with a lot of the new folks and had a lot of matches with the “fight the coach” thingy they had going on.

I run my own club up in New Hampshire, here in the US. Its small, but we follow the Liechtenauer traditions as close as possible with all the basics we do based on the hauptstücke, the way it should be!

Yep, totally agreed, its more than rugby with sword and armour.

It is, in my opinion, SCA fighting done properly.

can be seen like that, but as I heard in SCA there is a roleplay part, here its just competition

I did a few years medieval re-enactment, and about half a year HEMA, but because of the high cost, studies and other hobbies, that’s on a temporary hold… hopefully I find time for it again somewhere next year.

ARMA member here, but I’ve only been in for about a year and 4 months.

A goatee, but I wouldn’t call it evil. However, he does quote Emperor Palpatine quite often…

I don’t do HEMA (Though I think ti would be cool!) instead I am a member and fighter in one of my state’s largest Historically accurate Viking reenactment groups. :slight_smile: I prefer Viking-era over Medieval tbh

Aye I know it’s quite a rough practice and might not consit of as much skill when copmpaired to some truer forms of martial arts. As my boyfriend put it its milling in armour (he’s ex army). Also as re-enactors from a historical poit of view yopu have to look at the fact that not everyone on the battle feild would know how to handle a sword properl, why we have maces and war hammers ect.

To the guy who pointed out that Florenteen is not allowed in BotN, I know I must have not made myself clear I was just stating that was his preffered style of fighting in general rather that with a sword and buckler or a billhook ect.

By european martial arts I presume you are reffering to fight masters Tallahoffer, out of interes is there any where in teh Uk that does teach the more ‘skilled’ aspects of medieval fighting. I myself am just learing to handle a sword and begrudgingly a bill hook, and even though as a woman I will not be allowed to fight at some Fed events in the UK, I can only go on as an archer…good job I love my long bow…I would still be interested in learing as I am quite enjoying the sword and buckler.

There are dozens of European Masters. Tallhoffer was only one of them, but most in the German Tradition are based or at least founded on what was codified by the hochmeister Liechtenauer. We also have access to the fight books of dozens of others that at least grew from what Liechtenauer left. There are dozens of schools in the UK (95 in the UK and Ireland).

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Don’t forget and bad mouth former ARMA members, bad mouth other HEMA organizations and continue to teach stuff that is about 15 years out of date…

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Awww, come on, didn’t mean it in a bad way.

You see, I find rugby to be one hell of a rough and tough sport. I’d even say that the only thing keeping it from being a fighting sport is that the main goal isn’t toppling your opponent over.

BotN & Buhurt is about the most exhausting sport you can do. The amount of fitness and endurance you need to be able to compete is incredible. I have the utmost respect for people doing Buhurt, but at the end of the day, especially from an audience point of view, it’s rugby in armour, just that the ball is every player on the field, and the goal is to down it with steel bars of various sizes.

According to whom? What are their credentials and testing methods?

You’re right !
Even if in a high level with experience, the rugby side is going down for more technics

You’re right !
Even if in a high level with experience, the rugby side is going down for more technics

According to two of the former co-leaders of ARMA whom have broken off ARMA started their own HEMA schools and have world wide respect and recognition for what they are currently doing in the HEMA community, by sharing, educating and working with other HEMA associations that have access to many more materials than ARMA had.

Oh and some of those people are the same people that run, the one’s that John Clements blasted for lack of knowledge etc, yet now there is a link right from ARMA to

If you want specifics I can list the specific bull**** that John Clements pulled on students whom have left ARMA on their own accords, and then, internally Clements claimed they were kicked out, and internally those people are called “handicapped”, “unable to move naturally”, “stupid” and “abusive”.

As for credentials, being recognized by nearly every major HEMA association in the world, being asked to teach classes and participate in events all over the world are the only “credentials” needed, as HEMA doesn’t have any official credentials. Yet.

Testing methodology is quite simple.

Proof of John Clement’s utter failures? His “version” of the krumphau and of course his whole incredibly naïve interpretation of blocking with the flat of the blade versus the edge of the blade.

Since Mr. Clement’s will be attending CombatCon this year supposedly, maybe he can free-play with some of the other HEMA members that will be there, but I have a feeling, he will quickly disappear when presented with anything other than his red-shirt wearing worshipers and cult members.


Funnily enough, I once asked him about Wiktenauer, and he really didn’t have much of an issue with the site itself, just some of the interpretations on there.

If you say so. Personally, I have a hard time taking a lot of HEMA groups seriously when I see a lot of tournaments that try making the Art into a sport. I’m sure not all of them are like that, but I’ve yet to find one that I find as credible and professional as ARMA. I’m well aware of Clements’s rather harsh opinions and comments, but frankly, I see a lot of that from other HEMA instructors and self-proclaimed masters as well.

I’m not well versed in the sources as many others (both within ARMA and without), but while I’m aware of one source claiming the Krump goes to the hands, I’ve also stumbled on a Talhoffer plate with a “krumhau” that looked an awful lot like what ARMA teaches.
As for blocking with the flat- yep, I do that. Works pretty dang well, and edges are in nice shape.

[quote=“Evil_Merlin, post:39, topic:12828”]
red-shirt wearing worshipers and cult members.[/quote]
I appreciate the personal attacks.