Anyone else actually practice Historical European Martial Arts?

I’ve been doing Historical European Martial Arts now for about 5 years, everything is under the Liechtenauer styles.

I practice both Blossfechten (unarmoured fighting) and Harnischfechten (fighting in armour) as well as a poor attempt to joust in the 15th century style (still don’t have my own horse so it is difficult to practice).


I practiced HEMA during 1 year, Liechtenauer. Now I practice Buhurt, I belongs to a french team, and soon, I hope, to the french national team. Will see in 10 days lol.

I am also doing HEMA (maily Lichtenauer) since 3 years. I also tried I.33 once and maybe I will try it again.
I am not sure, if you are interested, but there will be a tournament this year from artsofmars in Germany/Hanover called
WWOC Arts of Mars (just google it, should be the second entry).
They will have fights in several weapon categories:
Longsword: Steel fechtfeder
Woman’s Longsword: Steel fechtfeder
Longsword: Nylon
Rapier: with dagger, buckler, cloak: Steel
Dusack: Leather.
Sword and Buckler: Steel fechtfeder or nylon
Sabre or Backsword [undecided]: Steel or nylon
Spear: Foam padded wood or such.
Dagger: Wood or steel blunt
Team Longsword: Nylon or steel
+additional workshops

hey there folks … I prefer two handed or one and half hand swords haha :smiley: but I just getting to old for this (almost 40 now) … just love it!!!

Sort of. Have not joined ARMA or the like or even have a sparring partner, just like dry fencing for the cardio and I have a keen interest in fight books for their historical significance. The books came first, then the fencing. It is very interesting to experience how the techniques worked, really worked. Your average fechtbuch on its own - as anyone who ever read one knows - is at best a vague depiction in one two dimensions. Read Vikings sagas with similar pleasure.

ARMA is a collection of closeted fools that have left knowledge of the Historical European Martial Arts where it was back in the mid 1990’s due to John Clement’s draconian rule.

The Longsword IS the queen of the art…


Anyone else actually practice Historical European Martial Arts?

Yes, I do. Both HEMA and free full-contact combat based on both Fechtbuchs and modern martial arts. A bit of buhurt when I have the chance to, but I’m not trying to get on the BotN team or anything. It’s fun, but not what I like to do most.

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Duly noted, I guess. Say does this Mr. Clement happen to have an evil looking goatee by any chance? :smile:

I know my partner has been in a few Med re-enactment groups from Viking to WOTR.

He’s good at fighting with swords axes and sheild. He really enjoys fighting with two swords, I belive that style is called Florentene but correct me if I’m wrong.

He also is just getting into the full on/close contact fighting you see at battle of the nations n hopes to be good enough to fight in it.

As for me he’s teaching me a few things, as is our re-enactment group when the public has left the event, I hate billhooks! I am 5ft n not what one could call a chunky lass, I can barly lift the monster never mind weild it.

I have been thinking of joining one in Edinburgh (where i live) would you say it is worth it? I don’t really want to be competitive just to do it for fun/excerise.

Founding member of Système d’Armes in New Orleans and a member of the HEMA Alliance. I’ve been doing HEMA in various forms for around 20 years now. Out club primarily focuses on the Licthenauer tradition, but we encourage folks to look into whatever interests them. Personally I’ve been primarily doing Italian Rapier, but I’ve done a lot of German Longsword, and played around with many other weapons forms, all blossfechten though.

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OK is this Lenny or Jean? grin. And if its Christian… you SUCK! grin

How come you guys didn’t come up and play at Shortpoint? (I kid! I kid!)

Honestly I’m not a very competitive person either. I just find doing it a blast so I’d say go for it. The important thing it probably to find a club that fits your style.

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Last I looked he did.

While I am a very competitive person, you’ll get the same thing out of HEMA you would get out of any martial art.

Do you see me trolling?! Of course not! Which proves I’m Lenny. :wink: As for Shortpoint… you guys said it was REGIONAL! Somehow I don’t think we quite equal your local region. :slight_smile: Now, give me a Rapier tournament at Longpoint or something else up there and I may well have to make the trip.

Rapiers. Bah so 17th century!


For anyone wanting to see what some GOOD armour looks like…

go here:

I’m the one in the shovel faced bascinet with the padded aventail.

Yeah i am thinking one of these
MacDonald Arms
Black Boar
Storks Beak

I’ve just start doing Ringen (since September) and going to start fencing as well.
I did historical fencing when I was teen but I really hope I forget all :slight_smile: