Anyone else flat lined on games?

Kingdom Come Deliverance was the last game I got into and absolutely loved it to bits but since finishing it (~100hrs) about 5 months ago I’ve basically played nothing. Evenings are taken up with other activities. The Witcher 3 was the last big thing I played before KCD with stuff like Dying Light and Prey providing a bit of stimulus in between. Nothing else really compares to the depth and substance of these titles. Case in point: I tried Subnautica and while the premise really intrigued me I found myself getting very bored, very quickly. The whole thing felt like a massive ball ache - hard core base building survival ain’t my thing. There are of course elements of KCD that you could argue the same but there is something so captivating about the world War Horse Studious created.

I feel like I could be missing out on stuff but I look through the Steam featured list, etc and I see nothing.

Anyone else?

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Same here.
98% of new games is total crap.

Try No Man Sky until Bannerlord comes.
Had 200 nice hours with it.

Or play KCD again on hardcore with many mods and become killer of Cumans.

Sturgeon’s law, 90% of everything is crap. If you have very specific tastes, that will limit what you might enjoy even further.

I understand and share your sentiment. I would suggest playing Atom RPG, it is a fun game with a decent story and interesting side quests. Or perhaps Mutant Year Zero… Good story, linear storyline.

Waiting for mod support to play KCD again, hopefully with redrawn armour and bascinet.

For now, relaunched Witcher 3 with enhanced edition mod to get ready for the show on Netflix.

Btw, sucks how static W3’s world is compared to KCD. Always the same NPC at the same place saying the same thing over and over except at night.

Thanks for your suggestions.

How I wish I could enjoy top down isometric/turn based RPG’s but sadly I am the gaming version of a spoilt brat. I want first person/third person real time action with an absorbing multifaceted story and visceral immersion. I tried to play Alien Isolation but wet the bed.

There is something called Chernobylite coming out in October that might be alright but I have my doubts.

“Have you tried New Vegas?” is the usual question I ask in cases like this :slight_smile:

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I have. Totally not my thing. Too much unjoyable fighting, not enough immersion (close though), ugly graphics (not just old), unpleasant world and setting. Loved Elex though.

So the bottomline is it’s very individual what you’ll like. It’s too emotional thing to rely on just genres, features and stuff. Just seek yours - and you’ll probably find.

Have you tried Enderal? Do it! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve resorted to modding… creating a faction pack for Conquerors mod (Fallout 4)

There is always Greedfall. I will be trying that next.

Yeah, I finished New Vegas many years ago and have recently tried to boot it all up again and give it another run through. The graphics really are very dated now even with an array of mods, sadly. I think in a lot of instances you need to force yourself to play through the first few hours before immersion takes hold.


The Cat Lady
Neverending Nightmares
Silent Hill 1-3

I think Kingdom Come: Deliverance is probably one of my most all time played games, I have over 400 hours invested and this was taking my time doing everything.

The only game I may have more hours than KCD is the Shenmue series which I have played probably a total of 6 times or more over the last 17 years.

The others that come close are Hitman 2 the Yakuza series, Elite: Dangerous and perhaps the GTA V series.

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How long you can play a game does not mean how good it is. Some games are only 3-15 hours long and the best games available. Some games are 400 hours long, but boring.

Not spending 400h on any entertainment product if it’s boring


I played Witcher 3 and it was boring. I don’t know how many hours it took to play the GOTY.
Recently I played Dear Esther which took only 2 hours and it’s a beautiful masterpiece. Such a well written story.

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Console games have really gone downhill overall, imo. Anyone tried Greedfall yet?

I’ve been playing Noita a lot. Highly recommended, even though it’s on Early Access right now.

I’m waiting for a german translation of Lorelai.