Anyone have advice on the quest where you are to meet with Leshek & Zmola under the scaffolding after dusk?


I’ve tried this quest over and over, waited for an entire day. Nothing ever happens. Any help would be appreciated.


You go to the meeting and a stone is dropped nearly killing you.
You then go to the top and find the attempted murderer.
Talk /fight him. You find out Leshek is hiding in the monastery mill and zmola went to kill him.
Rush down off the scaffolding( ok to jump down ladder holes)and beat a path there to the mill( having your horse VERY near helps) building with stairs on the out side.
Up the stairs and up to the attic.
If timed right Leshek is still alive and you talk/fight and kill/ let go zmola if not leshek is dead and still hafta deal with Zmola.
IF it don’t start that way mebbe back up a save or 2

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I’ll try again. Thank you.


Still no luck, nothing seems to work. I have tried this quest So many times. What time is dusk supposed to be in the game? Anyone.


Around 20-24 I believe


How far have you come? Not even a falling stone?

The cutscene won’t trigger if you’re just standing under the scaffolding. Try to go back a bit toward Nicodemus’s place, and then back to the scaffolding. The scene will trigger when you’re still on the ground, approaching the scaffolding. I’m not sure, but I think it happens sometime around 9:30-10:30 PM.

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I got it but it’s a different issue. Some events in this game have a time limit which it does not inform you of apparently. I saw Zmola and spoke with him and he was all like I got Leshek to confess and he ran off. I was then able to report back to the king dude and collect my reward. God damn this game has an absurd amount of bugs and issues. It’s damn frustrating to say the least! Thank you to all those who offered helpful advice!


It has been repeatedly stated in not a few posts that this game does not hold your and hand lead you around. It is up to you to determine when you should continue or pause a quest. The game may hint but not blatantly.
It is not witcher 3 hand holding.
I even fell to it on this quest on a previous restart by going to the quarry before the night meeting and blew the quest.


I was trying to be informative, not complaining. I don’t spend much time on here and have never seen any threads regarding that topic personally. Your being a dick is appreciated though.

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You Have To Wait Within The Area Marked ‘D’ by pressing ‘T’, then a cutscene should kick in, it has to be after dusk around 9pm-11pm, had some trouble myself and figured it out.


If you are stil having problems with the quest I recommend that as soon as it is dark outside, get your torch and walk straight from the infirmary door until you get to the scaffolding, don’t rush. When you are between the monastery and the opening to the stone cutters opening then the cutscene should begin. Don’t try moving around looking for people. Once the cutscene begins you climb and confront your assailant…… I had a problem the first few times to trigger the events also.