Anyone know where to find Roe Deer?

I have seen them and killed them before, i just don’t remember where. Anyone have an idea where they could be found?

There’s a path that runs north out of Ledetchko then forks right across the stream into the forest just northeast of the town. I had quite good luck finding hares, stags and groups of roe deer in there compared to other forests. Hopefully that helps.

Thanks! That helps out a lot

I was just riding through Uzhitz to the south west and just right of Talmberg, there was a few groups I ran into just now.

I also stumbled upon this hunting spot on my travels.

If you hear a bark in the woods or on edges on woods then you found a Roe Deer.
If you don’t believe me search roe deer on google and it will say that they bark if they get nervous or something that is how i find them listen for a bark .