Anyone knows where to get this weapon?

Does anyone know where to find Envoy’s Aide-de-Camp sword? I’ve not been able to find it on all my playthroughs except for one.

Same here, only time I got it was from a merchant’s corpse in a random ambush by cumans… never again.

Worst, I deleted that savegame by mistake.

Someone elses knows how to get it??? Even if it has low stats, it has high charism and it’s worth a lot…

Thank you, I have read the Wiki long ago… Not accurate info I think…

How to Obtain

Can be found on the body of a dead NPC presumably killed by Cumans in the forest south of Uzhitz.

Where? I couldn’t find it in that forest, checked all interesting sites and accidents… And I don’t use cheats in my game…

Could you?

It’s a random encounter. You can find them on merchants. Charisma on weapons does nothing, so if that’s why you want it, don’t waste your time.

If you really want it, and refuse to use cheats, just save before the random encounter, fast travel, and hope you get the one you want.

Thank you, in fact, it’s a really rare one… After thousands hours (literally) playing and several playlines, I can’t get it again, that’s why I wonder if I’m missing anything. Do you have it? :sweat_smile:

Thank you again, I know what Charisma does. :smile:

It’s just for collection, like Queen of Sheba’s, Vom Berg swords, Devil Scowl, House of Rychwald & new Skalitz Shields… just for name a few.


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No, I never found it myself. I can understand collecting though, so if that’s why you want it, then like I said, save just before you would fast travel through the area it spawns, and then hope you get the one you want. It will take a lot of tries if it’s a rare encounter.

I’ve found it and was wondering if it was is rare because I’ve never seen it before I guess it is, I got the sword from a dead person (they had very fancy clothes) in a fast travel encounter ambush thing with cumans South of talmberg right of the place with a windmill btw the sword is dookie lol