Anyone notice this? The glitch on kunesh is gone after the 1.3 version patch

After the patch 1.3version released, we can’t get the kunesh glitch anymore which allow us to max up some skills level super fast

Maybe change your thread heading to mention what the topic is about, yes?

Otherwise it is very click baity.

I havent noticed it (mostly cause Im not exploiting game systems), but would concur that I have seen a lot of polish and sparkle added with the patch. (Me thinks it is doing more than the last list they posted which mentions nothing of what we knew was coming with 1.3.4)

Started a new game today and noticed changes not listed as been given. Very happy for this effort.

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Without that glitch, it’s super hard to get great combat gears

I changed the title just now, whoa how you manage to save theresa and kill all those cumans after you all the way before you make it to talmberg?

I made use of glitch on kunesh to max up most of the stats, skills including sword, axe, mace skills and stealth kill to kill some guards to get halberd(which is helps me to kill all the cumans)

Well done.

You have figured out one of many solutions for playing the game.
For the record; this isnt Wolfenstein.

Great characters, yes.
You might even learn to like and hate some as the game progresses.

Iwill confirm your method is fairly different to how many might play through this zone- and I can offer my point of view…
My neighbors/friends etc with this game have mostly varying methods to get through the prologue (game as well).

You may wish to attempt this section as a lowly helpless peasant…(kinda what the game is advocating for… “run! Henry…”)

The game doesnt hold any hands (maybe a little in Skalitz (you havent done the sword training!)), the opening scene…

Talmberg (the next area you might visit) has several ways to complete the goals too… now I am not saying this is System Shock where most game decisions have a ‘rock/paper/scissors’ solution available to the player-
bit ot does have solutions that you might not have thought about yet.
Herein lies the games best hook- thinking about the day ahead and trying it in different ways.

My family are quite happy at the little differences from small choices.
To me this is better than Mass Effect (2 was my fav).

Sure!; my perspective is only one… but notice how since the patch the board isnt flooded with complaints about this?
I would suggest not many people are playing this way.

The next part of the game is going to reveal to you something akin to battlefield games… just because your cusror is over an enemy (archery) doesnt guarantee a hit.
This is a role playing game and is about developing your character (something you are mastering).

The game figures out hit chances/effectiveness based on your characters skill scores more than a gamers prowess with their controller.

Unlike-say - Pliilars of Eternity- it isnt pure tactics; and also rewards being able to ise a controller in a realtime environment.

Its kinda the best of both worlds for some (strong character rpg with arcadey controls) and worst for others (strange systems with numbers that affect players effectiveness AND requires controller dexterity).

To this end it isnt a game for everyone…

Id highly encourage you to try another playthrough/playline…
Try taking some different initial stats and try some other ways to do the Skalitz townships’ initial quests.

It can be fun finding out what different scores in diplomacy will net you with Kunesh…
and success in this game isnt just amounting wealth and killing… but then we all have different recipes/ ideas as to what success might be… and this game gives us relative freedom and a lot of agency to do whatever we want.
Something your post (s) have shown me…

Some people are playing this game without killing (!?)

the only skills youll need to train in prologue are bow , agility (can both be done by killing all animals with arrows) strenght get up to lvl8, so you can use a polearm (can grow by leveling all other skills, herbalism f.e.) and Vitality (just jump like a maniac), Talking (just deal enough with the local dealers) . everything else isnt needed until you reach rattay.
sure you can train more skills, like lockpicking. but these skills above are needed for the cumans and talmberg.

so no need for glitching

You don’t get XP for attacking unconscious people. That makes sense. You also can’t attack Zybishek when he runs from you with the shovel.

You can still attack him if you get Runt stuck on something like the pillory and beat him up there. He’s immortal… Worse than that, if you killed him in Skalitz, he comes back to life as a zombie.

The most RP friendly way is to do training with Bernard. If you learn combos he will never attack, so you can just keep hitting him for as long as you like.

Supposedly they removed his hit box

What?! No killings? Amazing:open_mouth: well, persuading kunesh? Hmm I never think of playing that way

Hmm, archery? You must be spending a lots time to master the archery skills. It takes me hell lots of time to aim and it’s still 0 headshot so far. I mostly hit on torso area. That’s a great idea that I never thought of. Thanks

Whose hit box?

Kunesh’s…for the prologue exploit. Not sure, just heard some rumors

Funny story. Idk if they fixed it or not but you can kill Zbyshek(?) in the prologue but he comes back to life for the Skalitz shovel scene lol

Yes it’s true, I tried to slaughter almost everyone in the village, however some npc just won’t die or can’t be killed. For instance, kunesh, the Z guy you mentioned, the charcoal dealer in the tavern, the swordmaster, theresa, and Henry’s parents. And we can’t kill the giantic club guy too.

Tbh, I prefer previous system, like npc(unconscious) or npc(dead) than current version. Sometimes you thought you might have kill this npc but turns out he or she is still fucking alive

Sounds great, he is the guy in rattay, right? Sorry I am pretty sucks in memorising the name. Well, I just hate to keep running away from cumans, besides that, we can get free groom birddle and noble saddle with 4 saddlebags there only if you manage to kill those 3 cumans who tried to violate theresa and those unnamed horses. Those horse gears are true gems, if you missed them you have to spend quite a lot to buy them from zora

Kunsehs’s…so you cant attack him.

He still runs to fast i want to knock his ass out and he is faster then any NPC you will ever meet

i’ve just installed kcd on a ps4 with no internet connection, so it is 1.0 version.

At the moment if i try to start punching kunesh he, at the end, will fall and after a 10 seconds he is up again instead if i beat him with a club he die.
i mmagine that he was “immortal” if i can say so…
anyone can help?