Anything I should be aware of before completing House Of God quest?


So, I just talked to Sir Divish, he tells me the details of HOG. At this time I didn’t recognize the quest until I saw it in my log. And now I remember many, many people complaining of numerous bugs supposedly tied to this quest (mainly longer load times and more frequent crashes). So, as I was on my way to the Sasau monastery, I figured I would stop and post first. Is this quest critical to the main story? I think it could be, since it initiated by Sir Divish, an important character. But if not, then maybe I can put it off until much later, like when I have almost completed the game. So far I haven’t experienced any serious bugs, other than falling through the ground a few times, and some minor bugs, I would rather not break my saves at this point if it is avoidable. It has taken dozens of hours to get where I am now, I am not in a hurry to finish, and don’t want to be forced to start over.



I didn’t have single issue with the quest. Sometimes bugs happen because of mods and they tend to not voice that matter as important factor.



I recently examined this particular quest is search of bugs. I beat it several times, trying to cover all the options we can take If you’d like. I found out that the are no braking bugs during it, but there is a bunch of minor bugs. For example - in come cases Henry is telling NPC some illogical things, but not able to say them some important things, also you can kill an quest-essential NPC, but marker will still point at his body and the are misleading markers in general… and so on. And finally it is quite hard to understand the motivation of “the-main-douchebag” of this quest. Devs could put a dairy of something with a backstory, on him or in his trunk or any where else, but they didn’t.

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I backed up my saves and went ahead with HOG. No bugs at all that I’ve noticed, nothing in the quest that didn’t make sense. I’m nearly done, I already beat the guy senseless at the top of the scaffold, then proceeded to plunge my sword into his chest. I probably shouldn’t, since it may make me wanted in Sasau, but the way I see things is, if you’re trying to hurt me I’m going to do my best to take your life. No joke, I don’t ‘fight’, it’s all serious to me. Anyway, I’ll play intensively for a few days, if I start to notice issues I’ll just go back to my pre-HOG saves.



I have five playthroughs and have not experienced any bugs. Maybe I am lucky or just to dumb to recognize a bug, whichever, it is a interesting quest,



I failed the quest my first time, because it’s on a time limit. There’s no big rush, but don’t take a couple of days off doing something else.

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You finished the quest, but, just of curiosity, did you get the full background story and motivation of its essential characters? :slight_smile:

Spoilers ahead

  • So, at the end of the quest did you get the idea, why Zmola did all the mess at the monastery?
  • And did you manage to save Leshek at least after a fight at the top of the scaffolding?

And even more spoilers

Some more spoilers

Also, did you khow Leshek is actually hiding in a certain place near the monastery after you find out that the skull is a fake? Instead of coming to the scaffolding at night you can go to find him and, and if you do, he will rat out Zmola to Overseer? Or you can come to the scaffolding and persuade that guy at the top to tell you where and why Leshek is hiding and also, that Zmola is after him right now in order to kill. And, if you will be hurry, you can actually catch Zmola threatening Leshek in his hideout, or catch Zmola is dragging Leshek’s body away, or not to catch him at all.

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I still havn’t found out how you can know where Leshek is hiding without using knowledge from outside the game.



That’s the thing. Just come across Leshek by accident or by scouting the surroundings of the monastery, when he goes missing. Also that guy on top of the scaffolding explicitly tells where to find him.



I just now finished the quest, last thing I had to do was find Zmola. Problem is, he wasn’t in or around the mill where the map marker was, I searched for over half an hour. This is the only part of HOG that i consider as being potentially bugged. I was about to give up and do something else, but then I got the idea to talk to the overseer as I passed him. To my surprise, he sent guards to deal with Zmola (who I killed in front of them, no arrest), essentially completing the quest, I only had to talk with Divish afterwards.

It was not made clear what Zmola’s intentions were, or I failed to understand/notice.



Basically he was after the the Master Karel’s position.