Anything I Should Know After Baptism By Fire?


Please no spoilers, there seem to be a LOT of side quests and activities and characters to meet in the game, but . . . I gotta be honest . . . despite how much I love the game, the heavy-handed use of all the scripted sequences makes me a bit “wary” about “doing something in the wrong order,” or “doing something too soon” (such as, “finishing the main quest” and then finding that Bohemia has become dulls-ville).

Having whupped the bandits at Pribyslavitz, and gone to meet with Radzig and Hanush and also talked to Hanush about his quest, I’ve taken the liberty of taking a break to get my balanced diet back and train with Capt Bernard.

I get the impression that, there really isn’t any rush to do anything at this point and I can even take the time to do side-quests that I had started but not finished?


Yes! :slight_smile:
Best time for doing any- and everything.


There are some places that will change afterwards or some time limited quests so whenever you accept something, dedicate yourself to finish that first. But they will let you know it is important.


Okay, good to know. Right now, I’ve got: couple side quests queued up (the ghost exocism, to the point where I gotta become a heretic to finish it . . . or so it seem :wink: ; the find out about Gertrude thing from the priest in Uzhitz; the go represent me to the vicar thing for Lord Hanush; and of course the A Friend in Need). I had already advanced at least one chapter in the A Friend in Need quest, but the other ones I’m completely naive about. None of them seemed to be too much “timed.” I am also aware based on a previous play that, there are some . . . “events” which can/will occur in Sasau Monastery area once I go and talk to NPCs there and I’m trying to be better leveled up for that (speech), so even though it seems like helping those wounded guys “should” come first, my current Henry doesn’t know about them so he can just merrily go on about his business and they can stay in a state of not dead yet for as long as they like!