Aquarius quest -- concoction for Rock's arm


I could not find an answer for this question here in the official forums. The only info I found about it was on Reddit and the answer there was wrong. So just in case someone else comes up with this question, here is the correct answer.

In the Aquarius quest, when you are talking to candidates about who will carry water, the candidate named Rock mentions his arm was hurt in the past. If you choose the correct dialogue prompt after he mentions it, you will get a sub-objective in the quest’s detailed info about helping him with his injury. Specifically, the quest wants you to find a concoction for Rock’s arm that will help heal the injury.

The question: what is this concoction?
Answer: Marigold Decoction.

They are plentiful in the world, especially as drops on bandits, but you can also make them at the Alchemy bench if you’ve learned the recipe, or else just buy one ready-made straight from the Apothecary. In order to be given the option during conversation with Rock (during the interview or later) to help with his injury, you must be carrying a Marigold Decoction in your personal inventory. Alternatively, if you have level 2 in First Aid (a Main Level perk), you will also have same dialogue option if you at least own a Marigold Decoction outside of your personal inventory (eg. on your horse).

Warning: you must complete this sub-objective before fully turning in all names to the Bailiff quest-giver, otherwise this sub-ojbective for Rock will fail.


thanks, i love these little details that are only revealed upon replay and experimentation. i heard there’s also a way to choose the jobs that opens more quest options with the bailiff…might be hearsay, but wonder if anyone has any info on it.


More quests with the Bailiff directly? I don’t know. I’m only aware of seeking out your various rewards from certain candidates whom you helped, provided you prompted them to bribe you with a favor of some sort.


Well, if you hand out the jobs in a particular way, the Bailiff won’t get upset with you. Give Rock and Antonia (who have medical debts) latrine duty, Agnes the cooks job, and leave the water carrying to everyone but the mine foreman. I don’t recall the Bailiff informing of anything outside of what the local inkeepers would have after this, though at least he doesn’t tell you to get the hell away from him.


According to one walkthrough site, it says to make sure to select the correct candidates for correct jobs or Baillif won’t give you job’s.
Well, I appreciate all the help I’m getting from all the various websites, but I’ve done this quest 3 times now and I know I’ve done it 100 % correct this time and the Bailiff doesn’t have any more jobs!
I don’t know where this more bailiff job thing is from, there are no more jobs / quests/ activities from the d–m bailiff!!


If you don’t give pickman the job of hauling water you won’t get his piece of the Sheba sword for the quest.
The bailiff may also not be happy with you if you do .