Aquarius quest problem

So… seems like the Aquarius quest has a problem but I can’t see this particular one mentioned in other threads… (not looking for spoilers, just tips as this is my first play through)

I failed to convince Agnes to take the cook job and now I am in a loop speaking to the bailiff and merchant Konrad with seemingly no solution.

I managed to get the piece of sword off Pickman, and now the bailiff won’t speak to me…

Is this just part of the quest or is there a way to finish the quest?

Thanks in advance.

You should have a little side quest now, to talk with the (former) priest of Skallitz. Maybe he can help you with Agnes. Or maybe still part of Aquarius. If u have listened to the dialogue with Agnes, she told you that she is waiting for him

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Thank you, I’ll have another look, tbh I rushed the convo with Agnes so didn’t pay enough attention. Big help thanks :slight_smile: