Archery Competition

I’ve found that a good way to increase your archery skill and level is to perform the Archery Competition in Rattay multiple times. It costs but can make a profit if you win and naturally, your aim improves alot more!

I have to admit I was very wrong. I literally picked up a bow seriously for the first time last night and went hunting myself. It’s friggin fun to miss the first 5 shots and then finally hit on the 6th. No sarcasm. (I’m only a level 2 and barely at that). Something about it, just satisfies me. The only thing I wish warhorse would do is make it so you can just casually shoot at targets at your own pace and level up. Even with all the bugs and stuff the game imho would be perfect then. First time in a while I can’t wait to get home to play me some kingdom come.

The archery is really satisfying. I think being that it isn’t easy to actually hit a target it really feels rewarding to land an arrow. I just struggle finding missed arrows. Archery when drunk is a whole different concept though…

Hmm haven’t tried drinking and shooting a bow. Unless of course you count the beers I had last night. My Henry doesn’t really drink. At least until I can get the perk to make sure he doesn’t just lose equipment. I will have to give it a go though. Thanks for the idea!