Archery help pls


Using the PC for archery doesn’t work. I load the arrow by pressing the left mouse button. The arrow is supposed to get released by lifting the finger off the mouse button but the arrow doesn’t fly. What am I doing wrong?



You probably have low level.


Did u equip arrows?
Press 2 to ready the bow (will take some seconds)
press and hold left mouse button to stretch the bow
release left mouse button to fire the arrow
right click to not fire


Check If your stats are good enough for the bow you are using


u can use any bow everytime. the damage may be bullshit, if u don’t meet the requirements


BUT, he will automatically fire arrow without stabilizing aim so… if he is not going to try point-blank archery, maybe it is better to try starting with simpler bows? After all, you can grind even high level marauder tincan in fulplate with some peasant bow - just a matter of time and having a horse.