Archery mods good with version 1.7


Would anyone know of archery mods that allow arrows travel more realistically or accurately? I’m looking for mods that work with version 1.7. There are plenty of other mods but I doubt, given their age, are compatible with 1.7.

I did d/l a mod that altered the cfg file in the main directory so the small dot doesn’t disappear.




Just out of curiosity: what aspects of the arrow travel are you regarding as unrealistic? “Accuracy” is largely a result of the user, and that means you gotta level up archery/strength/vitality/agility.

I don’t know if the way bows and arrows are portrayed in this game is “realistic” or not, but I see quite a few older mods that seem intended to address this putative “lack of realism” and I’m not clear (a) what is unrealistic; (b) how do people know these things?

In sum: is there something “unrealistic” about bows and arrows in this game?
Granted, training up bow skill and getting “good” with the bow is not easy at all, but even without continuing main quest and using the huntsmen, you can level it up into the 14 or 15 range just by poaching bunnies. I’ve done it once in a hardcore playline and once in normal.



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