Are the poisons work?


I have tried to poison both the wine and the lentil in camps but without any positive result. Guys were pointlessly walking and chatting like they always do.

Is poisoning the foods works?

(i have tried to put lullabies in town people’s food and it definitely works)


They do work. Poison brings their health to half. If you want to kill them, poison their food pots with Bane Potion instead. The poison would just weaken them. Wait until evening or until dusk after posioning with Bane Potion, when they all wake up. Everyone usually eats around that time. Maybe 7 or 8. Shortly after eating, they all start dropping like flies. Or you can use Lullabies and kill them in their sleep. I’ve done this with poisoned apples in Talmberg… Everyone who ate from the cook or from the pot in the outer bailey died. I made sure to reload after that.


Thanks man! It’s the most helpful guide to poisoning people! On a regular basis, I use the Bane Potion to poison the arrows but now I want to poison everyone in Pszybyslaviz Camp to death.

So another question is, will the effect multiply if I put few potions in the same kettle?

PS it’s a pity I can’t free the town of Pszybyslaviz without progressing in the main quest. They’re respawning every time :frowning:


If you put one poison, it will work on multiple people. In Talmberg I put an apple poisoned with Bane Potion in the kitchen pot. 4 people died. Then I left and did the same in the Pirkstein kitchen. Everyone who ate from it died.

In short, putting one poison in will affect everyone who drinks from it.