Armor details


They wear same helmet but they look different. I prefer danglers just thinking could they improve all armors to bastards armor details?


Just look at the difference even the hoods look way better! Pretty much same gear as Dangler dont look same at all


I am not trying to be an butthead here and I did not try it myself but if you like certain armor and you want replace/change it to another armor without actually editing all the DDS files.
Before doing anything backup your /data/ folder you can try to do a mod or replace the game files after you changed what you wanted to change and you will be safe with a backup of the data folder or make a different game folder to play with.

You could do an easy mod and just rename files and see if it will work .

So I would say copy the files you like for armor from



To make a folder in the mods folder with a structure.
All files would go into the cloth folder

Also copy any mod.manifest text file and file in your name and stuff if you want.This will just prevent game from crashing eventually.

So example: Bernard head copy all of the Bernard files and change all the files to say Charlatan

If you want to try real editing of the files ,can be complicated if you never done it before guide over here


Yea im not gonna even try. Those all bastards have higher detail armor expect Kuno. U see how metal reflects light its darker like with full global illumination it have more depth.


OK sounds good.