Armor, Helmet, hair and clothing clipping


i’ve noticed some severe clipping issues with various pieces of armor and clothing. for example the you can see the padded coif and/or hair clipping through the grand bascinet and some undergarments such as gambesons appear to “tuck in” to plated chausses. honestly its and eyesore. does anyone know if warhorse will fix this any time soon or if ever. thanks.


This bug has been around since March/ April . I hope they will fix it in the next update.


There are plenty visual issues like this with clothing system since start. The biggest one I have is missing piece of Henry’s head in cutscene where they force him to disable helmet so they probably erase that part of head for the time he’s wearing helmet to avoid clipping hair. Same thing happens in other game (I think in Mount and Blade) with helmets where they force them to be bold.


I get clipping from an outer garment like a combat jack coat over plate.

edit: on PC


This is common, I always see my under plate. In some cases, I noticed they make armor thicker when you have more layers so Henry looks fatter while it possibly fixes many clippings.


I’m on PC I get no clipping are you guys on console? And if yes does it correct itself after?


Dont lie im on pc try to wear plate chausses and long gambeson also padded coifs go trough helmet and vest


I have same issue I’m on pc various clipping issues any type of clothing in gambeson clips behind leg plate armour and padded coif comes through the helmet and clips through mail coif ect


As guys above said. PC has clipping too.