Armor puzzle

Hey, fellas!

First piece. The birds are singing, nesting here and there, flowers are blossoming, grasses are high and forests are green. Sun is shining like it is a scarlet midsummer.
Second piece.
Yet so Henry wears:

  • on his head: a padded coif, a noble’s mail coif, and a helmet
  • on torso: a brocade outer jacket, a decorated arming doublet, a short noble hauberk, and a dyed Milanese brigandine. On top of his peasant’s shirt that is. As well as nobleman’s gauntlets and Magdeburg plate pauldrons.
  • on legs: mail chausses, fashionable black hose, and Magdeburg plate chausses. Along with some boots and whatever current peasant’s underwear of his.

Third piece.
Henry rides his horse, which keeps him at tense most of the time. During the nighttime, he rides with a torch.
Fourth piece
Apart from riding his usual activity looks like fighting/loot transporting/you name it.

So the question is, taking into account all the puzzle pieces, must not Henry fall down from the HEAT STROKE at some point?

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All the shiny mail reflects the sun and keeps him cool, like in a cave, at a constant 58 degrees. Master Feyfar explained it once.