Arresting thieves


During my recent playthrough when I arrive in uzhitz there was a thief and being a good guy, I knock him just outside town. I pick him up to turn him to the balif so that he will face justice and the balif does not give a damn he even said ‘i should pretend I didnt hear anyone speaking to me’ or along those line…well at least the thief will learn his lesson I hope


Depending on my mood I either Tackle and kill & loot or take all his stuff.


B-b-but wheres the justice in that, he should be handed to the law


the game mechanics won’t let you. Only thing is allowed is giving the stupid merchant his stolen tidbit and get a measly reward, don’t even build rep. Might as well profit from bounty hunting.


I know there should be at least some kind of dialogue like when u capture the cuman in rattay and the bandit on sasau


Sadly no. Only the three options that are given when a bandit/cuman surrenders.
Since Cumans killed my henry’s parents and destroyed his home they never get a chance to live. Bandits…worth more dead.


So, I’ve successfully robbed two out of three big shops in Rattay (the tailor and the weaponsmith). However, the armorsmith is giving me trouble. I’ve managed to get into his storeroom (around back and up the stairs from the shop entrance) and rob one of 3 chests there. When I return for the rest, though, the guards somehow know I’m there and always find me in the dark. Is it the noise? Do they have a sixth sense or something?Facebook Lite

Also, some useful tips - when you’re overburdened, just sneak, it’s faster than walking - you can sneak back to the mill and your stash reasonably quickly. If you steal some gear and keep it equipped, it becomes “yours” after some time, i.e. it’s not flagged as stolen anymore. If the guards stop you and want to search you, you can bribe them and Mathway they’ll let you go, but you can also drop all the stolen shit at your feet, let them search you and then pick it back up.Clean Master


Henry is originally the son of a blacksmith, not somebody from the law&order. The proper way to arrest him is to tackle him, fistfight againt him, so that the victim retrieve his stolen object back.


Hope they add an option to arrest and tie person on the horse…
Though I could not even tackle the guy !

I caught a guy who had just raped/murdered a woman and he even tried to blame me! After a dialogue where he admits his crime, he runs off, I chase and tackle, chase and tackle, about 5 times!!! At that point I told myself this person is going way beyond resisting arrest and I called my horse and killed the fellow. I could not knock him out : I had no option since he never gave up even when he was out of Stamina and after five tackles! It was near Talmberg.

Result : two people dead (and some loot) that I cannot identify, since I do not know their names. RPG wise, would be nice to be able to inform the victim’s family using the captured murderer.

Maybe using a wooden club ? (EDIT: nvm, the bludgeon is also a lethal weapon. I thought it was not as they gave me that to patrol inside a town.)


since you are not given that option my protocol when coming across an npc kneeling over a body rummaging of after Inspecting a corpse is to stop , have the bow out and shoot the looter ( don’t like competition) or as the npc springs out of nowhere kill then. However I usually let the road poacher go free.