[ASK] About the patch size



I’m a new guy here, so please bear with me. I’m planning to buy KCD Special Edition (PS4 Bluray), it seems a good investment. But the patch update size makes me a little worried. I have decent internet, it’s just not unlimited and quite expensive in my country.

I read somewhere it has 23GB day one patch… And another 20GB… And another 14GB, and so on and so forth…

My question is… Do I have to download ALL the patches sequentially one by one, or can I just download the latest patch update and it fixes all other bugs?

Thank you!

EDIT: It’s not about how much it will take space in my hard drive that I worried, but about how much data I need to download for all those patches.


I don‘t think so!
How I understand the whole system
is, that a patch replaces files.
So for example the game has around 50gb and with all the patches it still has 50gb or maybe 51.

But please someone correct me when I am wrong


Hello zea,

After you install the game from the disc PSN should download around 30GB, after the download you should be at the lastest version.

Jan Rucker
QA Department

email: jan.rucker@warhorsestudios.cz


Hi @WH_janrucker ,

Thank you for the reply. That answer my question :slight_smile:

Also thank you @flowbro