Augsburg plate chaussers missing from chest in hardcore mode?! Need to fix this Warhorse!


Took this photo as proof there missing. Anybody have any idea where they are located in hardcore mode? Or are they not in hardcore or is it a bug? Restarted my original play though thought it might be a bug now I’m concerned they removed them from the game for players!


I have the same problem. This is the only leg armor with 20 charisma. You can’t buy this anywhere. The best I could find only had 6 charisma. I know they want to make the game harder but this is just dumb. It is in a hard locked chest for God’s sake!


yeah i was so bummed, not only because it was missing but also because im collecting a golden-ish set for the Rattay armor setup and now i cant finish it because these are the only golden legs.

like hardcore was not punishing enough allready


The Tournament leg armor has 20 as well I believe, however in which chest is this? I’ve never seen it