Back in the days


I remember i mostly enjoyed kcd When it was hard as shit and i didn’t know anything. nowadays i feel the game has become Way easier.
I miss the good old days of the launch of KCD


I erase and start anew after every patch. It took 12 hours to down load on xbox and I started again. Hardcore seems to get easier and easier. It has been a little over a year and the only hardcore version of the game was the initial release. I was never attacked as much or struggled as hard as I did with the first release. I have been hoping the game would get back to that level of fun without the crashes. Sadly 1.8 is even easier in hardcore. All you can do in the beginning is pull weeds and fight. You can’t get lock picks so half the fun is gone.


Yeah, i miss it When i could rage for one hour and trying to find the Perfect strategy for killing runt. And now i didn’t die a single time in that quest and killed runt without him even hurting me


Methinks WH has caved a little before the hord of whiners who thought that combat was too hard, archery was too hard and lockpicking? Waaaaay too hard…


I just really enjoyed the broken game at launch


Have not touched the game since my last comment. I had that old familiar dajavu feeling up my spine. I would take a broken toy to dad and he would fix it. I’d go great can I have it now? Unfortunately the toys I really liked the most would stay in his grasp. He wanted to tweak something else he saw wrong, and I knew, I would never be able to play with it like I did when I first got it. I really miss that first month.


Right on man


I’ve almost finished my first playthrough, I am thinking about doing hardcore mode along with Ultimate Realism mod, just to up the difficulty. The other day I let a friend try the game, he thinks it sucks because the combat is slow and difficult. And because there is no magic, dragons, or alternative races, like in Skyrim. In his mind, a game sucks if he cant immediately be a badass and own the enemy. Guess he’s just not patient enough, I enjoy a challenge.