[band of bastards] "BUG" I can't find sir Radzig!


I can see his horse in the lower castle in Rattay but I can’t seem to find him anywhere.

I already finished the game and did some sidequests a few months ago.

I already tried:




If you upload your savegame perhaps someone of the community will help searching radzig.

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Also Herr Radzig ist in Talmberg ganz oben im Turm. Leider steht er da nur rum und man kann ihn nicht ansprechen.
Da ist wohl ein Bug drin.

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thanks for finding him. I can’t talk to him too.
could you upload me your save straight after completing “from the ashes” dlc or any save before band of bastards? it seems like this is the only possible solution now.



Thank you, forwarded this to our QA team. :slight_smile:

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still don’t know what the hell am I supposed to do I don’t want to replay the game every time I encounter a damn bug this is literally unbelievable.



The save have been made on a modded version that might cause this. The Ratzig is in the Talmberg tower but talk option doesn’t work.