Band of Bastards delayed?


Is it coming ever? Is there news about it being delayed that I have not yet heard?


There was no promise before. It’s not delayed.


I swear I heard something about all the DLC’s being released before 2019 but I guess not then.




Don’t swear because I’m sure it’s not the case.


That only shows what they are working on not the release dates.


Roadmap has it before new year so guess it is delayed.


It´s done, when it´s done!


Its gonna be released end of january/beginning of february


Do you have a source for this?
Your expectation??


Source: Dude trust me.


trust me. what else it could be?


Sorry, I trust nobody… :blush:

Later!? :thinking:


@Blacksmith You trust nobody and yet you say later :grimacing::joy::rofl::rofl:

If WH bastards, hopefully someone with authority could comment on that

@Urquhart subjunctive tense connotes hypothetical… not sure why edited


you can go on YT. Ask in the live Chat!

Full authority here


Have to do later. Can’t stream now


Np. There will be some streams in the next days….


In the next stream, at 2nd january, Tobi will show the first quest of Band of Bastards. Tobi will also tell us the release date. The DLC is nearly finished. Thats from the stream today.