Band of Bastards feedback — beware spoilers


Went aggro since KCD still shows enemy NPC targeting bias towards Henry precisely to draw attention away from others. Ring quest failed right after I killed Zoul’s last man standing

Will try again and hope for different outcome. Another weird thing the bugs aren’t simple and universal (eg infinite loading screen before and after duel with Dangler were one offs… slightly different actions, bugs don’t appear)

Gotta say it was a little tedious (pretty close to button spamming for +10mins) but loved beating an accomplished longswordsman (Dangler) in the game with fists of Aechen steel (gauntlets). If you haven’t already, give it a try. (Hint: keep up pressure up to point stamina is almost exhausted.) Actually suffered minimal to no damage unarmed; much less damage than when I fought with ceremonial mace and bouche shield


How did you had time to interact with the men after the battle? I finished the battle and suddenly they were all gone (beside Stone and Jan; they lay dead on the ground), with their horses. Went looking for them in the camp, but none there either.
Waited for them a bit, but after a while I just went to Radzig and finished the quest.

I did finish the ring quest before the battle, don’t know if that matter.

EDIT: slept a night and the boys are back at the camp.
To bad there is no further interaction. Would liked a last word with Kuno and it would be fun if you could play dice with the guys like in a Tavern.


If you fight better, they all survive, after which you can ride to the camp with them and interact as much as you want. What worked for me was concentrating on the tougher opponents like Zoul and the other guy in decent armour.


Thanks for the tip, I might try it again.
Problem I had was that alle the enemies focused on me! I had like six guys, including Zoul, hitting poor me (and playing on hardcore, not sure if that matters).


I did not agree to their help, I fought alone, they were not in the camp afterwards.


I always play on hardcore these days and usually with no plate armour, and it’s not too hard. I usually drink a Lazarus potion just before battle to be on the safe side, and I used to put poison on my blade, but now I just use my bailiff’s mace and hit them on the head repeatedly. The weak ones only take 2-3 hits.



Another thought. Henry has got to make his own allies. What better way that to partner with them with drinks, games and battle? Henry brings a case of Pribyslavitz Boar. Etc.

Fritz and Matthew should join the band (if you can steal the king’s silver, being a merc should be within your moral/ethical tolerance level) except I think they’re too lazy


In 2nd replay of battle, Stone died even though I tried to draw attention away from him and the others. As soon as Stone died, I got the ring quest failure. Rather than replay, I continued and then after Zoul’s men were dead, I killed Kuno and the rest. Hah, in talk with Radzig, ‘some of his men were lost’??!.. all were lost!

In 3rd replay, confirm all alive. Double checked all dead bodies. Radzig dialog includes ‘everyone survived including Kuno’. Still no dialog options at camp with Kuno (leaning against tent pole), no option yet to play farkle, no drinking (even though mentioned by Kuno upon leaving battlefield).


1.8 feedback vs BoB:
—love that there’s finally a mechanism to block mounting the horse overloaded. one exploit gone. :clap:


I enjoyed BoB, but I’m a little peeved at the final quest and how it turned out for me.

I’m playing Hardcore with all the negative perks and I happened to have Nightmares affecting me at the time of the Speech Check. So I failed the Speech and Kuno took Hagen’s bribe. GRR!

I beat Zoul with ease. My Henry isn’t at max stats yet but he’s not that far off either, so I’m not fussed about how easy the duel was. I even managed to get Headcracker on Zoul, knocking him out and stealing all his stuff, then when he came round he agreed to leave and never come back. LoL.

Anyway, I guess I’m a bit peeved because A) I was hoping for more activities with the BoB (just like someone earlier said; hunting bandits with them) but instead they literally just rode off and B) I missed out on a decent battle. I know I can replay it but I’d rather not.


So that’s it after the big battle? Only myself and one other survived it and he just left.
I almost didn’t as half the bad guys came after me. I did what I could and had to get on the horse and ride
in circles to heal some. I got off when I noticed the other guy fighting two and helped him.
I figured it would be a whole campaign of going after bandits and Cumans.


At the last fight Stone and Jan died. Reported to Radzig and went back to the camp. Everyone had their weapons out and they were scouting around. Dangler was laying dead in the middle of the camp. wtf. After awhile they stopped scouting, put their weapons away and went to hang around on their normal spots. Nobody attacked me nor talked to me either. I guess Dangler got wounded in the battle and died at the camp. Can’t find any other explanation.


we need a way to flip up visors like in the cutscenes, it looks cool fam


Just don’t get leaving his fallen comrades like that. Makes no sense

I knew (figured) it wouldn’t involve bandits and Cumans even though that’s the vision shared by many. It would’ve been awesome


It’s a balance. If you escape focus, the others struggle.

In normal mode, Stone charges and leaves himself exposed. I’ve replayed this a number of times now. If somebody dies, he’s almost always one of them. I’ve even tried to draw his attackers away and it doesn’t always work because he get wrecked by the remaining enemies


Anyone ever have a bug where the mercenaries, other than Kuno, aren’t armed in combat? They’re just punching people in the face…and they typically end up dying in the more difficult combat. In the final battle they all get slaughtered as a result of not using weapons.


Have had some weird stuff but haven’t had anything like that. First question @Urquhart would ask is any mods installed


yep :slight_smile: . I’m not really fine with the Mod Situation at the Moment. But as you said i would ask :smile:


I realy liked that quest. And finally an helmet (the zoul one) which can be opened!!!
But too bad Henry doesnt know how to open it after he got it from the body… :slight_smile:
That’s really a feature which should be so great!


Curious that a blacksmith’s apprentice son wouldn’t know

Btw, the gold. Seen some armor at the Louvre and other places. Don’t recall gold featuring prominently. What shakes?