Band of Bastards feedback — beware spoilers


With announcement that woman’s lot is in the final stretch. Official modding tools/support shouldn’t be too far away. :lying_face: or :nerd_face:?



Tried last battle again and this time it went normal (not all enemies on me). Actualy it was over in 2 minutes.

Just check your teammates (especialy Stone, that idiot always isolated, reminds me of sir Lancelot from Monty Python’s Holy grail) and then get that Zoul. Latter only took five straight stabs with noble short sword and he was down, without a single strike from him…

Had better balanced battles, but must say our little Henry becomes a beast at the end of the game compared to the NPC’s. Still a fun battle to replay.



I suggest: :nerd_face:



Well… Band of Bastards is another short and overpriced DLC.

Story of DLC is flat, predictable, repetitive, short… I have completed it in 2 hours. I bet it is a quest that supposed to be original game at the release. But because of time pressure WH decided to release it as a standalone DLC.

Same trap for money as previous DLCs.



Sometimes, there is a chance a bastard is bleeding and will die on the road but the dialogue with Radzig does not really involve all of them died, Henry always says some of them.



When I first beat Zoul, I also hit my first swing to his head, putting him down just so easy, but another times before that he killed me easily with counterattacks and high damage, so if you are lucky, it can go fast, or the other way around.



I enjoyed the DLC, I was however a little disappointed in the lack of new unique items. Zoul’s armor is amazing and actually has a fairly unique look to it on top of having the best stats for plate armor now, however its missing Gauntlets which while I’m not begging for them I figured he would have been wearing a full set like the Lords of Leipa Armor.

Secondly we only get access to a single new shield from Kuno’s band and at that its a mediocre 99 Defense one, and we have to beat Fletch at Dice to get it at that and their are two other rewards (No idea if the Jupon and Hat are also unique as I never bothered to reload and try for them), otherwise the only other unique items are also mediocre shields but you have to get them from the corpses of Kuno’s band. At no point does Kuno or any of the other members reward you with a piece of the Bastards armor, which mostly all have unique looks to them.

Lastly their wasn’t a single new weapon(unless I missed it somewhere as I just completed the DLC), I was at least hoping Sir Radzig or Kuno would give us some unique mace or axe or something as a reward for finishing the Band of Bastard quest line, but he gives you a pittance of 800 Groschen, when 5 minutes earlier one of the bandits you kill in the skirmish with Koul has 6K on their corpse, which makes Sir Radzig’s reward incredibly lack luster and meaningless.

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Maybe they drop their weapon when knocked out, and their weapon falls through the map or slides down a hill too far for the AI to realize its their and pick it back up. Prior to the final skirmish with Koul and his mercs any of the members of Kuno’s band can be KO’d but not killed and they will drop the items in their hands. So if you steal them or they fall and slide far enough away from them they might not have a weapon later on.

Not sure if they’d function like other NPC’s like Wayfarer’s where they will loot items off the ground, you could try dropping a sword or something at their feet if their not equip with any weapons and maybe they’ll pick it up, idk.

Just my theory on it, luckily I only had 2 of them get KO’d throughout the DLC and both managed to reacquire their weapon/shield.



Guess what I’m saying is that Henry should tell Radzig if all died



The hat is just the standard green noble’s hat. The jupon is one of those quartered brown ones - very similar to the one worn by the gamekeeper. High charisma (19), but I prefer the dark one that can sometimes be had from high-lever brigands. (One of them can be seen on one of the enemies from the first mission, by the way. 18 charisma, I think, and good stealth stats.)



Key to an easier time in combat is to wait for an attack, perfect block/riposte then poke (stab) or if you have clinch master just get in everything’s grill and either knock them to the side and poke, or kick them into a corner and bash them over the head.

Once you have like 12-13 Strength it’s pretty much impossible to lose a clinch with the clinch master perk.

While I like that their are combo’s most of the time you’ll never be able to actually get one off without an attack somewhere being dodged or riposte’d. My current playthrough I have Swordsman at like rank 14 or 15 and I haven’t unlocked a single new combo aside from the one Captain Bernard teaches you.

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Was hoping the jupon had a quarter that was dark blue or (blood) red and same color fleur de lys (or whatever that pattern is) with black/dark background

Or to be more in spirit of nobility… colors matched those of Kuno or Radzig family crests with dark or black background



:thinking:… got around to finish ring quest. Kuno went to sleep. Sat at farkle table and waited a few hours. Viola. Everybody’s gone and the grass has grown a full 75cm :flushed::man_facepalming:



Clinching was an important part of the technique I used to beat up Dangler unarmed when he was trying to duel with his longsword. Grabbed him and left knee smashed his head

sounds like Ulrich revisited

btw, anyone steal one of horses from Zoul’s party? this can be done after the battle is over. was tempted to but would have had to give up Jenda… not happening. really wish we could stable at least one horse (aside from your designated/active horse)



My first time through on after the mission and I went to report to Sir Radzig, the dialog by Henry said that we were victorious (or something like that) then when Sir Radzig asked about the men, Henry stated he was the only one left standing. I’m on X Box One X not sure if there is much of a difference between all the platforms but that is what mine said.



When you steal a horse, you’re not giving up ownership of your own horse. Also, stealing a horse doesn’t give you access to horse inventory. It really just means getting up on the horse and riding it. If you park it somewhere, you have to then “steal” it again. Also, it doesn’t come when you whistle (your own horse comes) and stolen horses eventually despawn.



Can you stable Jenda and Pebbles?

Beyond that, it’ll silly that taking a dead merc’s horse is considered ‘stealing’

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What do you mean by “stable”? They stay where you park them. (Pebbles sometimes despawns and goes back to the upper castle if you have another horse.)



put or keep (a horse) in a stable

I’m guessing you already know that. For more on how it can look in gameplay (specifically Manage Owned Horses):

Would like to have stable slots for Jenda and whichever. Return to your stable and pick the one you want. Swap out the gear. Etc



I see your point but only the waffenrock and the shield have zoul’s colors. The armour itself doesn’t have sny markongs itself thst would indicate it belonged to someone else.
Besides, if you really want anemmersive expreince, can’t you take over the colours of your vanquished foe?