Band of Bastards Second Mission Kuno Dies Almost instantly

In the 2nd mission I have killed 3 bandits, despite that sir kuno died almost instantly at the beginning of the battle. the rest of the pack just stood there, did not act, did not talk , there was no dialogue option. we were supposed to attck, not to protect kuno-)

You need to load because once Kuno dies, you can not continue till the last mission.

So in a way i have to babysit him -(

Whenever you get into fight, kill his opponent. Everyone else is good but its better to keep all well cause you can continue one activity with them as well. They are also funny bunch.

I thought they were all essential until the last mission?

That is killing some fun , at least for me. To me it is a bug. No one has told me to protect the seemingly strong leader from harm .

Me too-) me too-(

It’s not bug. And the other guys fall unconscious
So they’re ok.

So,Kuno’s bodyguard .

Kind of that. Dangler is the one who is closest to Kuno, also the strongest. He usually survives the fights. But doesn’t really guard the leader. Many people complained Kuno died very easy, so they upgraded him with helmet.

I have thought he ‘d be stronger

Im having this issue as well. Makes no sense to have to babysit the leader of a gang of apparently successful brigands/mercenaries. Im about to start my fourth attempt at the second quest, because even trying to protect him and kill his enemies, he keeps trying to apparently sheath their swords into his eye sockets. Guess I’ll use a bow and just snipe them.

As far I know they can’t die until the last mission. They just get knocked out for a while.

Right, after the last mission I was the last man standing …

I don’t think that’s a bug; the questline cannot continue without Kuno. Like the other guy said, you need to reload your save. And try to stay relatively close to him so you can kill any bandits who attack him; that’ll lessen the chance of him dying.

as stated above, dlc already finished