Band of Bastards trailer


In case some of you had missed it

So what do you think about it? There’s not much to go on yet but I’m still looking forward to checking it out!


It’s gonna be great.


So far I’ve liked every part of the game. Also the DLC we already had (although some people complained there wasn’t much in them) were pretty amazing. I’ve started a new playthrough just for this DLC to be in the middle of the quest line. 150hrs in atm and at approx. 25% questline and still enough stuff to do.
I’m hyped as hell again.


From the ashes is poor…its basically an unlimited money cheat and a way to get some of the best items in the game.


I’d say, it is pretty specific one. Someone asked for “building sim” a-la Skyrim or Fallout, and so, devs have given such thing.

To me, as for a player, who feels himself pretty comfortable to wander between taverns and devoting myself to hunting, gathering herbs and making various potions, collecting books and looking for bandits to fight - “From the ashes” is just useless. I still own it, because just bought all the game in one pack in Steam, but, well, don’t see myself using all functionality of that DLC (also I just find it weird to do work of Divish just for the “thank you”).


Good! The time from cracking skulls and splitting wigs is almost ready to come around again.


What’s that ? A date? :slight_smile:


I’m sure I’ll buy it, and I’ll probably enjoy it, despite it being straight-jacketed by a narrative and comprising a chain of well-done scripted action sequences with a few “intermission” moments that allow the player to roam freely without a timer running and “Mission Failed” popups.

Meanwhile, the core game has many basic problems that I’d much rather pay them to “fix,” or refine, but for some reason most people who sell games seem to think you gotta shove that narrative to move units . . .

current playline has about 11/12 in the finished active and I’d guess I’m about through 25% of the content in the game?


At 0:30, what do we see? A bascinet (Houndskull?) with opened up visor. One can dream :star_struck:


Honestly guys im more exited about 1.8 patch than bob. I paid for from the ashes to get my daam bow but guess what whole thing is bugged and I wait months to get it fixed where is my 1.8 patch what we all have been waiting for jesus