Bandit combat

Can someone please explain why bandits can use master strikes (parry)? Seems like practice with Sir Robard for several hours is waste of time when every bandit is a swordsmaster from the start.
Can you please fix this and also AI is almost impossible to beat when it is you against 2 oponents - fight which should take few minutes drags along for 15 or more. Why are two AI enemies allowed to attack you simultaneously, it results for me to constantly back up for miles.

I can tackle 5 enemies in full plate armor at the same time without even being hit. Instead of attacking all the time, try to focus on counter your enemy attacks. If you perform a riposte for the next 2 seconds the enemy is completely vulnerable, thus making the perfect opportunity for you to land a combo. And most importantly, change your position all the time and don’t let the enemies flank you.

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